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Sean as we are doing these for a few weeks here It's been journalists. Have been over. It's been a month that we've been doing this and I mean things are doing this right after the one. I just did that. We are so not you guys can assume just imagine everything is just the same as far as things being influx as i like to say But yeah. I'm doing all right doing all right to cancer. Do all right and I hopefully would like to go to feel. I'm getting the itch again to go to mohi comics again soon. I don't it. The problem is i want to go and maybe find somewhere books but right time right now. It's not the time. I guess because things are still influx. So maybe i'll wait until we get everything back You know the the carpet thing figured out there's holes in my house man like in the walls it's really annoying And we had to patch those too. So that's another thing that's kind of keeping keeping us occupiers. There's frigging holes inside the walls of the house. And i am not a fan of that. I get very claustrophobic when the even even with things are tight. A still feel claustrophobic because things are in disarray. And it just doesn't feel right. I don't know man. It just doesn't feel right you could You know you could. You could maybe Sympathize with that. I don't know. I mean it's it's pretty common for people to feel Out of sorts and everything is up in the air so That being said i am just rambling for the sake of just having something at the beginning of this How are you how are you. Yeah hoping is doing good You can of course email us at worst collection ever Love to hear from you guys about anything about the show. We're just if you're doing okay. We hope you're doing all right. We love to talk to you all right. Let's get to this book here. Because i got nothing else. Pertinent to say I last week. Did the phoenix. Rachel summers but also like the phoenix in general. So hot damn. That was a a lot of work. Hopefully i won't run. It is again. That's the thing about doing this book that i could open up a page like a guy. That's just one page and just knock it out or could open up something like spiderman. And if i do that i am..

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