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She's from the nrdc color her public enemy number one but let me tell you who she is she's from pasadena she served as the interim director of exposition park manager at the california science center in two thousand fourteen and the director of southern california activities in the office of the california state senate pro tem from ninety two to two thousand eleven she's also served in several positions in the california state senate from eighty one to ninety two including communications director of the stanford senate rules committee and the director of the senate democratic caucus and as the senate floor analyst this katherine katherine king closely allied with the nrdc for many many years she is just a flat no on temperance flat there's no way that she can be changed now this is the individual the could go either way her name is maria herrera she is from the vice celia era area believe she was born in orange cove she's young she's been a community community development manager at selfhelp enterprises since two thousand fourteen she was a community advocacy director at the community water center from two thousand eight to two thousand fourteen and an aide inspector at the california department of food and agriculture from ho florida oh seven she is a member of the soul america and loss sociation d genta who not a poor del agua burn my spanish now here's the thing about maria she's young she's voted both ways there have been times where she has stood up to the unions the governor and the legislature and said no i'm going to do the right thing there have been other times where she's gone green she does lead a little bit green but her work now is with impoverished people mostly latino part of the pitch that we're making today heavy duty pitch that we're making today is how temperance flat is going to be the savior of so many impoverished people farmworkers in nonfarm workers alike and that's a fact there's no bull in that at all it's it's very important and key to the existence of so many people on the poverty line and below in our beloved area in central california these are the people that she is working now with so one would think that she would be an easy vote on this it just depends upon who she's been listening to in.

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