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Elsa would awale handcuff lightning thunder jail now you know I'm bad only last week I murdered her off into the stone house continue to be inspired by his legacy Siamese God Allah to make me strong enough for me don't give me no money don't give me the fame Dan wait allow with four wins against nobody cares about us saying we for each other so that there was this celebration connecting African culture with African American culture that that could be there's the story itself and Ali's rope widow finish to that fight where he let himself get punched basically and tricked form in and like from myself and growing up in a Muslim family and my parents grabbing India in the sixties you know Ali the fact that he that he had also so smart and funny he knows how to use his controversy to kind of help his bank account and what was it like to be inside the ring with Ali here's George Foreman talking to today show host Gayle King a few days after Mamadali died in June twenty six gene that it feels like a rumble in the jungle to you because I've heard you say it's hard to fight somebody that you admired in love like I was mugged in the Joan.

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