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This is awesome. So he's like, everything's happening, right? And he likes and he goes, hey, to me, sensitive mccarty gets one more fight he's out of the game. He go ahead, right? I go no, no, it's not accurate. I said he only got a double minor. The first time. And he did so, Marty, dude. Right. He was a double diner. So that was the biggest thing he should have been out of the game. By the end of that, because they gave him a double minor for jumping claw the mule, and he should have got to the instigator. All of it and throwing out, but he stayed in. And like you said, it was kind of like the turnaround. Completely. I'll be honest about that situation. That's crazy of things I've done in my career. I knew we were doing the wrong thing. I knew that was a need to fight that team because we weren't built to beat them up. I played on tough teams in Washington, especially with ruby Allen may. I mean, there were 7 or 8 guys ahead of me to fight on the avalanche. I'm looking. There's like four of us that are in the same category here. It was an entirely different team. And it was a big mistake. And I had a conversation with Mark Crawford about it after. I said, we did the wrong thing. We should have let clothe get beat up. You take a few punches. Okay. And let's move on. But the fact that our guys were so competitive, they were just and they're invested in a probably more than I was because I wasn't there the year before. Yeah, yeah. I had a different perspective on what about I feel like the most interesting man in the world, Peter forsberg. So many people wonder about him, but he's not in the public eye, but when he was on, I mean, one of the greatest players ever and you witnessed that right in the I played on the same line as Peter because Claude was out. So I was my linemate when I arrived there. I never, I mean, I had so many tap ins. It was crazy. And he was such a great guy. And he loved when I would get other players going on the opposition. He knew that I'd have his back. I had to fight that Todd Simpson once again Calgary because he had Peter. And I jumped in there and I got killed, right? But that's what you want to do. I always tell the tough guy on the other team. You want to fight me hit our best player. I'll be right. I'm going to fight. I'm not going to fight you because you're asking me to watch it. But you do something, I'm going to fight you, and I'm going to lose, but it's okay. And that's the way Peter always liked that part of it. We were great friends. He came to brantford with me once we landed in Toronto. He goes, where you live around here? I go, yeah, just down the road. He goes, let's go. And we went and stayed the night, my hometown, and he went out to the bar, local bars, what he's pub and grub. And there's Peter forsberg and these guys and couldn't believe that they would see him in that environment, right? So friendly. Just the best. He was just a great guy. I room with Joe sack and complete with Joel. We were on the second line there was Adam deadmarsh myself and of course Joe in the middle. And then we had forsberg at center on the top line with Valerie Kaminsky called lemu. And we had Mike Ricci, Scott young and Rene Courbet. I mean, this team is incredible that the one three three of the book that surprised me was like how you said that Patrick wow was far and above the best leader that you'd ever played with. And probably the most intense guy you've ever seen. He was. Joel was a great captain because he allowed other people to lead as well. And Patrick was one of the best leaders with Dale hunter another one that just commanded everyone's attention. You had a good game. It wasn't that you scored two goals or it was if you did all the little things right and he recognized it. You could have a game where you didn't have a goal and he'd come up and he'd go you had a great game tonight. And you did. It wasn't both so you're so he would be dialed into the whole play all game. All game. His mind was what separated from my coach. And I think he's like he would be such a great coach, especially now that he's had experience in the NHL. He was phenomenal that way of the most respect for the way that he handled a locker room. Penalty killed he was in charge of. He'd bring the guys in and draw stuff up. I'd never seen that from a goaltender. And I know they've pasted a few sees on goalies before in the past, but he was a true captain. And Joel was a great captain because he allowed other people to lead and he didn't have to be the only voice. And that's a great part of leadership as well. Is that because guys who they are or how they say what they're saying? Is it a little bit of accommodation? It's about how they say it. It's just the fact you know when you've done something a small thing really well that helped the team win. Right. And maybe it's a block shot. Maybe it's a little simple play along the wall, getting the puck out of the defensive zone. Or maybe it's staying disciplined at a time where you may have retaliated. He saw all of that. And I hadn't seen that before. I got you from a goal. From a goalie, right? And I've always felt like I was smart enough player to know what was needed at a certain time. And he just had he took that to a whole other level. Actually, do you know one part of that ESPN game? Well, the Detroit Colorado game, the replay of that night. Remember ESPN used to replay the game later that night. They actually edited out that whole the whole fight sequence because I was in college at the time and we all watched the live of course we didn't know what was gonna happen. This is pre Internet pre whatever. And we all put the replay on 3 o'clock in the morning because we just don't college and they edited the game like and they took that whole fight sequence out of the game they replayed it later the night, which is kind of a fun fact. At three in the morning fun fact. Yeah, I like it. Hello, it can be 23 in the afternoon. But he forgot who won. Watch it again. There you go. Boys, I don't know if you want to move to the reason we're here in Philadelphia if you had any more Colorado questions. But again, it's a shitty it's a shitty one, but you guys had a three one series lead to Edmonton the next season. Well, you guys are still a cup contender. We blow that lead and you're out in the first round. I mean, I have a lot of those memories, actually. Thanks for bringing that up. I was on three teams. Three different organizations that were up three one in a series and lost. Shit. It happened to me. It actually happened. The reason I think it happened because my first year in Washington, when I started in the minors, I got called up for the playoffs. And I knew I wasn't going to get in the lineup and we're just skating every day. Barry trots to skate this. And the capitals were up three one over the penguins. This is a 92. And I'm like, man, I don't know if I'm enjoying this a whole lot. Like I'm not really part of the team. I wouldn't mind like this thing ending sometimes, so I can go home and enjoy my summer. So I'm basically doing a little low 5 every time the penguin score, you know?.

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