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I i don't see anything more being shukan up i don't i don't see there be any more create may be like a really says the defensemen by mean avert of index over seventy five million if i see one kg over fifty i'm just becoming numb to the transfer market takuma gawker seventy say jesus christ the world has lost its mind you know what i want as soon as you get it i know he is i know we were looking at united was looking at him three years ago but you know what i want to see i wanna see more deals like arsenal and manchester united rather than spending 75 fucking million dollars on a defender or ninety million dollars a evertonian forward who i fucking love don't get me wrong but that's ridiculous price on see more mba tied deals you trade players between yourselves i think that kick some shit around i think that make things very erez players are software right my might be take away from that though is you're giving it to a rival midseason so i like for arsenal this is my big gripe with the whole trade i'm not mad of alexi sanchez i think he's totally in his full wellbeing did make any choice he wants he's a here like he's a man i'm just you know i had on followup adam and hamburg also her his his dogs today i yater is is the i saw his dogs in a united jersey i was like i i get off my fucking um but a might be biggest gripe is as arsene wenger who says he's not going to trade these players we can go back to ashley cole casually coal alexi sanchez now rob even percy nasseri clichy i can i'm losing my breath naming all these players on res the bigs example where he'll go out and so to a rival midseason leg robbie van persie that's my grave and i think that comes down to the manager comes onto management and i understand what you're saying mart and i like that i like the inner club changes i don't like it when it's midseason no and i don't like it when you've already you have a history of this with the same club who went onto win a title with that player who came so close to winning it for you and coming in second place behind chelsea semi.

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