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A lot of things but then he goes come through once in awhile or something you know like that email this morning what I needed so I need some basic math done from fresh fresh fresh fresh producer Albert it was like talking to the wall that's why isn't radio he said the margin Morgan rejoining component also I like there's nobody at the station you can give me or some basic math I can back time pretty cool pretty well so I was talking about the infection rate yeah and thanks to our KGO listeners who corrected me because it's I mean it's still not the best but on you know on on Twitter if the world is yours truly on on Twitter Mike she says up a hundred million one percent is a million a hundred million all right William one percent is ten million he says change need to be careful out here they say has that M. S. N. B. C. and your times a journalist when they're going back Brian Williams talk at New York times journalists were they got all the math wrong hello Sir yeah yeah so it does happen so thank you for that but yeah we were credit was ten million was the number so one percent at ten million eight hundred thousand in that what we we decided yeah all right so the strip club I mean look over nineteen is affected a lot of businesses right we're all doing one thing or another no one showing up at the office now except one at a time and different shifts or if we're at the office were separated by six feet or more our glass or glass that's right and you know what a strip club it's all about I think most of clubs have some kind of restriction anyway you're not supposed to get too close to the dancers I'm don't know less less enforced careful Courtney's with listening but yes but fortunately that's not my jam but I will say that there if there is a persistent clientele at strip clubs and there it down in southern California they actually kept one open despite the order to only have essential businesses open a switching gears here want to have a follow up to a story we aired last night that's about a strip club we we found out was operating despite this emergency order to shut down we.

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Producer, Albert, Morgan discussed on Mark Thompson

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