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He needs to step up now and he needs to take on mile a quarter horse. Let's go a little bit further. And let's see what he's really made of. I mean, real world just never get a narrative. It was a comfortable winner. I was looking forward to watching him Gallup out after the line just to get an indication of whether he truly will get a mile of course the next time, but Jim Crowley just seemed to go through one in easily and let me enjoy his race and not push too hard. But no, terrific when he looked fantastic. But I'd really love the same in the eclipse next time. Yeah, I would quite like to see him there as well. I'm not entirely certain what they're going to do. I suppose there is the fascinating William haggis joked after the race. Oh, you know, he'd be more interesting in the July cup. Pull the pin on the grenade there, William and throw it in there. That's terrific. The Sussex stakes would look to be a pretty obvious target for him. And we look good in the CV if he manages to pass it. And we're going to come to the myelin division for the three year olds in a second, but I wouldn't be overly scared of anything that's currently in the three year old division. Unless you're about to hit me with, well, I'm not so sure. But I think it probably makes sense to go to Goodwood and then head for something like the Judd Mont. Yeah, I think we've got it. I'd like to see how many clips really to be honest with you. But I think if they stay a mile to stay, it's the obvious. I mean, what really can beat him for me, I suppose the matchup would be grievous. Who won on the next race after him. But I'd like to see him step up a little bit in distance and see what is really made of. I think we could see more from it over a mile of water. So I guess it's up to William haggins and William Harrison connections where they go. But I suppose if he does go to the Sussex for me, it's where the creators take someone. There was a suggestion that they might actually skip Goodwood. Which is intriguing. Do you like writing Goodwood? Let me ask him. I love Goodwood. I love goodwill of epsilon notes, and everyone's track, but I've had a lot of success on both courses. And they are unique courses. Up and down and it takes some getting to grips with and some horses don't enjoy those tracks on jockeys. But I've always been quite successful in looking at those two tracks. Yeah, I've been there when you've won and you do seem to enjoy it, but I wanted to ask you, because I've said it to a few jockeys in the past, and they've openly said, oh, God, I hate that place. And the best example of that was Haley Turner when I did a feature with her about the track, the ITV used. And she just opened it, oh, I hate good old. I hate writing it. And it were going back over one of her wins, which was this remarkable win where she weaves through horses. Richard Houston, but I think it's that I think it's the undulations that they've decided not to go for Goodwood. Things can change. We'll see. But I'm with you, I'd love to see them over ten for a long time. There's no reason why you can't get it being able to see the stars and the brother to help them. We've opened the door in Korea, so we may as well go from. He was expected to win the Saint James's power stakes. He drifted in the bedding quite considerably, he was two to 5 with coluche ends up going off ten to 11 and the sale. And my prospero, as well as Mel doom, basically everything got quite close to him, maybe Ulysses race two. It's terrific, what Charlie appleby has done. He's won the guineas, the French 2000 guineas, the Irish 2000 guineas and the Saint James's palace stakes, four races with three different horses. He's done the double for me, he would be their leading miler, but wouldn't be terrified of him. Connections, but by the sounds of things, he's not going to be there in the Sussex stakes. What was your overall view on Cory bus and what happens next with him? Well, I think the trade was the race. It was the best it was the highest rated host on Instagram. He looked at it looked like he should win it on paper. And it's really obliged and the only one I had he beat the same who's 8 pounds loud and him. So on paper, it doesn't look like a great victory, but a good horse can everything go wrong, and they still win not to sign a good horse. And that's indeed what happened to me. I said it before the race. I thought it was a massive risk, not putting a pacemaker in a mile on that round track ascot is tricky because you know you're getting a suggestion and then they absolutely walk around in frontier. They stack them open. William found himself in behind the pace. It looked for a minute like it was never going to get out. And it was a messy race. And everything was quickly into the line. Because they're all horses well over a hundred royalties and hosts in their own right are all clicking in the last two and a half furlongs. Creators did really well to get out, get the gap and get his head in front and win. And I thought it was a good performance considering how it was run. I felt if they had to put a pacemaker in with Adam and Eve and gallop, he'd have won going away. The one 5 lens comfortable. That's my personal opinion. I know kiernan Fallon Jungkook and pulled up with his head in his hands and thought he was an unlucky loser. He won Jeremy guineas. He was a good horse his own right, but I don't think he'd have got anywhere in their career, but if it had been a true run race so I think he was a good winner and I think if he goes to Goodwood, I think he has a three year old infrastructure 6 are rarely think we want to follow in next time. Yeah, and the market doesn't seem to have reacted to this news that by each is likely to skip good. Creepy is 11 to four by 8 is two zone with kaluki, so punish them. Punish them because I was to say to you who is the biggest thing is your degree is going to Goodwood..

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