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Or you mentioned president trump and so we have to talk about the election which is coming up fast and of course you have all this history with the president. You said he was not gonNA win reelection now. Maybe you think he has a better chance and then we've got it. Looks like Biden firmly in the mix. So where do you come out on all this right now? Anthony so when when you when I spoke in Davos Switzerland the consensus among the elite. There was that he was GonNa win a resounding election. And what I said to you I had gone to Davos. For fifteen years. And more. Or less every time the elites coagulated around. One idea was resoundingly wrong. They said limitless growth in two thousand seven we went. We went over the cliff in two thousand nine. They said the world was going to go into a global depression and it was the rise of a ten year extraordinary bull market and so in sixteen. They said Secretary Clinton would be the president. Donald Trump would not win the Republican nomination. So the consensus was that he's going to win. I still think he's going to lose. But I think the odds of him. Winning have improved for him because this is viewed as a war is approval ratings are upright now although a lot of the red states they haven't been affected by the virus the way the coastal cities are Worthy International. Transfer points are in the United States like New York Northern California. We've got a hot spot in Detroit. We've got one down in New Orleans and the cases are growing obviously in Miami and so forth so we'll have to see what happens to his political standing and his approval ratings once the pandemic reaches its high point is obviously very very tragic. But I don't I don't think he wins number one. He's going to have a recession in an election year. There has been no modern president. That's been able to withstand a recession in the election year. And you will remember George. Herbert Walker Bush had a recession in the beginning of that year. Nine hundred ninety two. The economy had already improved in pulled out of recession and he still went on to lose the election and he was also somebody who was a great popular figure during a war. He had a ninety one percent approval rating fourteen months later. He lost the election so. I'm still reasonably confident. Donald Trump will lose this election. And it's not because I have personal animus towards him war. We're in a personal fight. It's just objective clear-eyed analysis of what's going on right now. I also think the hysteria that he creates with the tweeting and the nonsense that he says that these press briefings which are always fact checked to be incorrect are going to hurt him as well. I think people are fatiguing from that. So Andy I think this will ultimately be a referendum. As most incumbent presidential elections are on a vote for president trump or a vote against him more than anything else. It's really not the other candidates. Are we voting this guy to stay in or voting them out? I think he gets voted out on a number of different reasons. One is I think people are exhausted from all of the nonsense number two. I think that these press conferences and the litany of lies are growing tiresome for moderates and independents. I will accept the fact that he does have a firewall and conservative. Talk Radio and Conservative punditry in terms of nighttime television anchors. That are taking the full ride with him. They represent a firewall for him. But I do think the data is suggesting to me that he will not win reelection. I'll give your listeners. One data point. That would be very concerning to me. If I was on the president's campaign there were five hundred thousand additional registered Democratic voters that went to the polls during a pandemic in Super Tuesday three in Michigan and and that alarmed a lot of people. And even Michael Moore. Who's been living in Michigan? His whole life said okay. Wait a minute. The data is changing here. The fervor in passion may be on the side of the Democrats this year in twenty twenty as opposed to what it was against the Democrats in two thousand sixteen and final question. The Anthony What about your own aspirations? Your own political aspirations? Would you consider running for office in the State of New York? Well people ask me that all time. I guess because I I got accidentally involved in politics and it's sort of like being Michael Corleone and Godfather Three. You can't get yourself out of it but you know I. I had personal problems in my marriage while I was working in the White House my wife and I subsequently reconciled so I tell people look. I'm I'm running for reelection in my marriage. Okay I'm more concerned about that on my family and Andy. I don't know about your marriage but I think I'm on like a one day term in my marriage and I can't figure out if there's term limits or I'm going to get turned out or not so I'm extremely focused on that. I'm not a politician so I'm not GONNA lie. Not Tell you that I haven't looked at the idea of doing something like that. But I think aloud work left to do it. Skybridge in terms of growing that company and getting it positioned to where I think it could be so if you ask me that in five or ten years. I'm sure I have a different answer but right now. I'm just very focused on my family and trying to get my customers and clients better positioned after this pandemic all right. We will be watching Anthony SCARAMUCCI founder and managing partner of Skybridge. Thank you so much for your time. A. B. or a dagger You've been watching influencers work. We'll see next time..

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