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Presented by pharma hey good morning playbook or some Rogue One to fall in, it's Friday. Today's show, we've got a scoop on the GOP Senate primary in Alabama. It's your Politico playbook daily briefing. As representative mo Brooks Trump endorsed Senate campaign, sputters, and the Alabama GOP descends into chaos, senator Richard Shelby is making his move. Politico's Burgess and Natalie Allison scoop that Shelby is quote preparing to pour as much as $6 million into the race by transferring its campaign coffers into a super PAC supporting Katie brick. His former aide who was running for the Senate seat Shelby who has $10 million in his campaign account and more than 6 million in a separate leadership pack said quote, I'm going to give it all away sooner or later. I'm going to help her transfer it to a super PAC. He added that Britain is doing well right now. Mo Brooks is dropping. You see that? Shelby's infusion of money could reshape the race, which now has multiple candidates and super PACS firing at each other. But currently it's locked in a three way battle with the stumbling Brooks and surging army veteran Mike Durant. Brooks is flagging campaign and his opponent's rise have shocked Senate Republicans. Many of whom thought the penitas Donald Trump acolyte was the odds on favorite as soon as he secured the former president's endorsement back in April, but Shelby's backing of Brent after 43 years of Congress, many spent showering Alabama with federal money, along with Durant's surprisingly strong campaign, has put Brooks on shaky footing. Almost one of the candidates clears 50% in the made primary, there'll be a runoff, and eliminating Brooks and leaving the race to drain and Brit with a mount to a quote, no loose proposition for Republicans to tender John cornyn, who serves on Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell's leadership plan. Corden had this to say, quote, people know what Brooks looks like in the house, and I think there's a general desire to have people that will be constructive and that we can work with. So that's my view, and that's probably the view of most of the conference. Former president Donald Trump publicly aired his grievances against Brooks this week as a kick in the pants for the Senate hopeful or a quote gut check as a person close to Trump called it. This person said that Trump is not rushing to resent his endorsement for Brooks, which would make for a slippery slope for other Trump endorsees with lagging performances. Just days ahead of judge katangi Brown Jackson's Supreme Court confirmation hearings next week, Senate Republicans are struggling to land an effective attack on the nominee. And lack any sort of coordinated message about her, write sung men Kim from The Washington Post, here are the potential lines of attack you might hear about next week, her criminal defendants as a public defender. Senator Josh hawley city plans to raise Jackson's representation of detainees at Guantanamo Bay when she was a public defender and then as a private attorney. But that seems to be a non starter with some Republicans. Senator John Kennedy had this to say, quote, I'm not going to criticize her for any client she's represented. We've all represented clients that we didn't agree with, and in some cases it didn't even like. But everybody has the right to counsel another potential line of attack, suggestions that she's weak on crime. Kim writes quote, if there's a common thread that Republicans have floated against Jackson, it's that she's weak on crime. The White House and Senate Democrats have worked furiously back down these attacks, promoting her endorsements from groups such as the fraternal order of police, and former national security officials. A third potential line of attack accusations that she was lenient on sex crimes this week, Holly claimed that while serving as a district court judge, Jackson deviated from federal sentencing guidelines in favor of the defendant in quote every single child porn case for which we can find records. An 8 to sender Marsha Blackburn, the sole female Republican on the committee, said Blackburn plans to raise the issue as well during the hearing and senator Mike Lee tweeted in part quote, we need real answers. Here's what's up in Washington today starting with The White House and 9 a.m. eastern, the president will talk with Chinese president Xi Jinping. At 11 a.m. Biden will receive the president's daily brief, and at 5 ten, Biden will depart for Rehoboth beach, Delaware, arriving at 6 ten. Press secretary Jen Psaki will breathe into 30. The house will meet at 9 a.m. to take up The Crown act that's the creating a respectful and open world for natural hair act, with first and last votes predicted between ten 15 and 1115 a.m., minority leader Kevin McCarthy will hold his weekly press conference at 1130 a.m. the Senate is in today. One last thing before we get out of here, congressman Stephanie Murphy came into the house and made a name as a moderate centrist democratic star, but now she's had it with what she says is party leadership and the outside groups making it a party unity or bust environment. A lot of these outside groups that purport to represent a specific interest are just an extension of leadership. And instead of purely focusing on their issue area, they bleed into just advocating for whatever democratic leadership wants. And it's true on the Republican side too. 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