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We find and characterize asked was the comet that pass near earth orbit around the sun it will also take a leading role in coordinating inter agency in intergovernmental efforts in response to any potential impact threats more than thirteen thousand five hundred near of objects of all sauce in discovered thank more than 95 percent of them since nasa funded surveys began in 1998 about 1500 meals are now detected each year quote asteroid detection tracking in defence of our planet is something that nasa it's agency partners and the global community take very seriously unquote said john grunsfeld associate administrator for nasa science mission directorate in washington what father arnaud known impact threats at this time the 2013 chelyabinsk super pharval and the recent halloween asteroid close approach remind us of why we need to remain vigilant and keep our eyes to this guy unquote nasser's longterm planetary defence goals include developing technology and techniques for deflecting or read directing objects that are determined to the on impact horse with earth nasa asteroid redirect mission constantly will demonstrate the effectiveness of the gravity tractor method of monitored since using the mass of another object to pull an asteroid slightly from its original were who passed the joint nasa european space agency asteroid impact and deflection assessment mission ponzi up if pursued would demonstrate an impact fletch method of monetary since even his intervention is not possible nasa would provide expert input to fema about impact calming location and affixed to inform emergency response operations intern thema would handle the preparations and response planning related to the consequences of atmospheric entry or impact the us communities the recently passed through her budget for fiscal near twenty seen includes fifty million dollars for new york's relations and monitored since representing a more than tenfold increase since the beginning of the current administration this is excellent news and about on a new but prediced lee suspected managed state of hydrogen has been confirmed the basic state the matter are the wellknown solid liquid gas but under certain circumstances other forms can exist such as plasma on ice guests now hydrogen is usually found gas on earth but if gould sufficiently can become liquid and it.

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