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The winning is in the history the program but when you look at what's left on the roster we know ethan half is the goto who's next in line well i think entered the answer that question and we don't know and i don't know at the early a bad thing i mean i think it could be a different i every night when they played in australia and new zealand occupant i've games are there in august thirty five get ready gore none of them were even out sodden up your retirement yeah i think you um option if you have guy that are capable stepping up in court in double figures every night and i think there's a way you know seven a guy that that could fill in and maybe court 15point on night where you don't have to rely on an app and out there according to have to i think he's willing to fair share i know you're gonna get after anke noted going if donald an out and and he's willing to distribute and and find open guard around him i didn't have him get better shooting pm than last year i think the addition of pressman let kkob king and brad davison end we've got to get more time if you're you're probably of course body that you knock it out parachuter cry i think of the earth good creditor could after shooter the bigger ground at work and maybe if teams are now the wsb jam cam a nepad meeting gotta make that the crowd you've heard against arm you talked much shoot it out how much of that is is even how can apply into an old question that to greg guard was asked meaty days well but the easy expanding his game yeah there was a lot of talk about over the summer uh and and greg guard gren you know had a tempting every time and i think you want to laura earn agree and that even after i did not work round the ram if he can make a quick jumper every once in a while great by not currently trump they're gonna rely on her argue you count on report a night again not an eye on an extradition and interact with food well i think i didn't you've got to the.

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