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None of that. He missed layup. Power through somebody's give he ain't give you the almost, you know. You know, just what you see is what you guys five steals last night five eight assists last night, six more rebounds. I've told you before I'm saying this last year as he matures physically could someday he average a triple double could it'll be in the teens. He'll average fifteen points, eleven rebounds, and twelve assists. Something like that. But but again could he do Jason Kidd triple dose for all year? Yeah, he could. And the thing is get base should be a top five assist team. Because you have you always going to have three great ball handle on the court at any given time. And at least two Rondo can handle the ball. Lebron can handle the ball. Lonzo can handle the ball. All of those guys are high assist guys. So you should be in the mid twenties on every give a night. And if a just right like Phoenix, you should be in the thirties. But they got a lot of guys that can mishit offense who's making take off and go, Josh heart land, Stevenson dance. I live gonna have this day. Oh, he would kill you. Hated that guitar legend when you've Indiana, but he was doing a you. Remember that place get he feeling good about himself. He lost the ball. He got it back. He lost it again. Got it back through a shot at one of the ref to bail them out. Now, but he was unbelievable last night. But I believe Lonzo should be moved into the starting lineup until the until so do I so what shocked me on opening night at Portland was that Luke Walton made sure that Lonzo got nineteen minutes. Now Rondo played thirty two minutes. Orlan and he was good. He was driving force. Right. But nineteen minutes for Lonzo. Remember coming off arthroscopic surgery. And so he had some minutes restriction. But then against the rockets in the fateful brawl game. It was thirty minutes for Rondo to twenty six for Lonzo. Remember, he got tossed. So he didn't get to finish at thirty four minutes because that was four thirteen left. Remember, Lou won't say Lonzo is gonna play somewhere between ten and thirty minutes a night. He did will be voting for thirty thirty three thirty three last night. Why not which brings us to the quandary that will get dumped on Luke Walton head. How do you keep Rondo happy just as? Pure backup. I just don't think that direct deposit. These should be happy. We try to win games. He's built like guess what? He going to be like that. Because we listen the guys are in playing times give he's showing he can do and he can play up the ball. What is Wanda going to do if you're going to allow LeBron to be the point forward moving forward? And I believe a lot of it will be him being the point forward. What does Rondo do? He doesn't play well off the ball. And he doesn't play all that. Well on the other end either in Lonzo can really. Yup. Yes. And their commitment to defense at Phoenix. And last night, it was pretty impressive. And you know, what I like skip when LeBron James check back in the ball game. I don't know if you noticed this because you don't have fold full K D. I got one of them. What LeBron do he pointed that joker? I did. He got he will he's going to have to guard him. He's going to take the whole. If you don't do that. The mere fact you said he doesn't play anybody. Then what did Joe could do? Well, it's just his man. He's point like I got the five guide. He'll K. Yeah. I got joker. Did did you fail about five times? Do not back down back down back from down. Then just joke with him. Got no breath. Okay. Wrong brick. Lebron a broad? We'd be able to to grow bolder grail. I think he got on the vibe. Michael Bey was no right off skew. Yeah. It's only one that work out. I didn't say. Out work out hard tunes help. They don't need. No hail God-given turn up. Green colour bread. You see? It's the metal be putting us together. They had baked Jim green beans on a good old stuff. Then have a little wine and a cigar. And you're good for the nine five. With five by tonight. Are you might just do that getting there?.

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