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Yeah. Stat in the day. Here comes that. By the way, to meet Friday, the traeger grills fired up. We have white bean and ham soup, green chili cornbread today. Got a little fire getting ready to start out there and treger ville and Tyler the moderator has been busy whipping that up this morning. Tyler's standing might take your phone calls, 8 7 7 three DP show. Yes, Pauline. David Robinson had 71 percent. 71. And that was to win the scoring title. Correct over Shaquille O'Neal. Correct. The spurs beat the clippers one 1297. This is 94. Dave Robinson was 26 to 41. He even hit a three, made most of his free throws. Dennis Rodman helped him out with a bunch of offensive rebounds. And they were facing a clipper team of loi vought, Dominique Wilkins, Ron Harper, I'm not making this up. Mark Jackson and elmore Spencer. And elmore Spencer. And then George gervin against David Thompson for a scoring title final day, I think ice might have put up 68 or something, and David Thompson, they both, I think wanted played and then the other had to go out and pass a certain point again, pulling. Correct. Yeah, George gervin played earlier in the day and he dropped 63. Okay. And then David Thompson, did he finish with a 68? No, I'm sorry. Check that. 73 in the night session against your pistons, April 9th, 1970 8. Yes, Marv. I saw a little documentary like a 30 for 30 short on it. Neither of those games were televised. There's no, but see, I used to get the box scores. And I would study it because we didn't get to see the highlights. Maybe the highlights, but you would never see the game. And I would get the sporting news. And it would have box scores from the entire week, whether it was baseball, football, basketball, and it was I became infatuated with numbers because you would get those box scores and you'd immediately look at, what did that player do? And if you were watching a certain player in all star, a team, it was just you had to consume it that way. You almost looked at the box score and then imagine what the game looked like. Let's get a couple of phone calls in here. Tom and North Carolina that's when I was walking uphill, both directions when I was going to school. Yeah. Tom and North Carolina joins us. Good morning, Tom. Good morning, Dan. Yes. We're talking about peak marriage. What would he is possible saying comparison be? I was thinking possibly any boy band, new kids on the clock. Well, Tom maravich did have great hair. And I think if you're going to be in a boy band, I think it's important to have great hair. And you know, he might have been the Harry Styles of basketball. Maybe something like that.

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