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Not a flame of hollow hellos and hell knows the greatest move. Is that poets dot. Org tweeted this like a couple of hours. News broke. yeah poets. That are just suddenly tweets. There's no context but like if you know they tweet a poem from tarran. Says they have no idea what i am terrance hayes i mean and then they linked to his poem what i am and it's like that's got to be a reference to the news news it because he was don't forget he was a mystery man before he was identified as terrance hayes which is peak poetry where everyone's like. Oh who is this like haughty that padma smooching over the mask. It's a poet. That's why you didn't know it. You know pilot. That's why he didn't know it. His ex wife was another famous poet. Yona harvey and they met in like very traditional poetry ways like they met at like a poetry poetry ways. Even as i said that i was like. What the fuck are you talking. They were a poetry power couples. What you're saying poetry power couple than they divorced. And now he is like dayton fucking padma schmidt like she's she's so then we did this recently. He's them in poetry land. But i hadn't heard of him. So i feel you know i i feel uneducated because i'm like i didn't hear no of this famous poet but now i do and now wow that's again. Look reading all of his poetry. Or what's funny that like. It is a joke amid poets among poets. Where it's like even when we're successful. No one knows we are and we talk about this a lot. It must be like i say. Like amanda gorman right like breakthrough poet of twenty twenty one but when was the last time a poet was breakthrough. You know like there really is no vehicle. I think that's the issue is. There's no vehicle for a poet to take the main stage in that way right. That was such a specific experience. Where oh this girl got up. As women got up and said a poem at the inauguration because that was part of the inaugural tradition right. and so there's only inauguration once every four years and where else do we celebrate poetry aside from like in school you know. There's no other way for a poet to be like. Oh a hotshot poet you know. What's funny is that when you google most famous poets which i just did because i'm a fucking plebe. Yeah you will get this funny list and just just wait until we. We're in the twentieth century. Once but still all of the photos are black and white until one to thirty all eight nine. Ten to one. William shakespeare to robert frost three. Emily dickenson four at gallen. Po five william wordsworth. Six william yeats seven walt whitman eight sylvia plath over in the twentieth century. Nine john keats and it's not until number ten that you get to my angelou who died in the twenty first right right. It's not until then that you get someone who is alive recently right. Probably the most famous poet of recent history of the last generation right to write my angelou ruby core. I guess is like rain but even at ruby core would call up. I would call a who at this point. But you're right. She did she is. She's writing but she's also like writing a sticky way for like a younger generation. But even someone who's like capturing the young generation is still about rule. What about jewel. okay. I think jewel is a them but You know what maybe she poetry them. Because that was like isn't that isn't her book. Oppo poetry one of the highest selling books of poetry of all time or something. Great outline is spoken word poem album that no. We're not talking about. We're not talking about we're not talking about alana's poetry. No poetry collection can compete with a night without armor as a title. I'm sorry okay era. This a long time ago. I will have no okay. Okay all right. Oh thirteen sixteen kind of partially. I lied a little bit exaggerated some other times. I have blonde hair. Pluck my eyebrows. I have my father's nose. My mother's hands have crooked teeth and green. Is i play guitar sick a lot. I like the color of wine of cheated on boyfriends..

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