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I looked up to and admired as a kid are now being sort of lost and there's no way like you said to sort of wage pull that up you could pull up ebony but if the site is gone if whatever reason that site is off gone, then what is left, you know what their besides ebony. Medical ebony articles and that only going to be there for so long as people are sharing them. But at what point does it just sort of remove itself from our memory and history? Yeah, because I think what will end up happening is that as it's being removed and people don't remember it then other people step in to try to tell that story and they may not be doing it from the best, you know intentions. Yes, they may be honestly lying, you know, like so to have that in our own words and that way I think is that's definitely very very important part. One thing that I saw as was watching. I saw these videos about your merch line, you know, it's gotta bring it back to that. It reminded me how a lot of designers. I know now have some sort of a hobby or off or side business or side project or something where they're making something physical and I think it's you know to the point you're saying a lot of the work that we do is kind of saved over and forgotten or our dog. Or not even our time but just written over in some way. So they're doing something physical like how you're doing merch other people do other physical tangible kinds of things and I don't know if that's the main purpose of it, but it made sure that you have some kind of physical relic of the work that you've done. Yes, that is definitely like one of the things that is important of being able to just have being something physical which is technically like March in terms of like Chicago slank is like just that something that you can design and put something on physical like a practical item that you can put a design too. You know, like that's how we associate merch of it. And so it was like, yeah, it gives you a way to sort of carve your own little piece in history in this moment to have that physical thing because we know we design things for clients if it's not for huge projects or four things that are going in in Avengers. For our workshops are different places where that history is maintained. It's thrown away, you know, like once you do it it's done it's gone and I have a lot of designs that I'm like, oh, I really I love that design but there's no way to use that again. It's done, you know, and so this is a way to sort of have that passion project where you can design from a true passionate creative not attached to a client with no inhibitions like you could just do whatever you want and then off because of that physical item you are now able to keep that into some sort of a history whether that'd be me archiving it myself or someone who has purchased and keeping in a holding on to it. My mom who has kept everything Lord bless her heart in her wallet if she like has had every first business card I've ever made in her wallet. So just having those physical job And it does bring back, you know, the ability of being able to kind of have a piece of history piece of look this is what I used to do, you know to be able show that yeah, absolutely. So as I was, you know doing my research for this interview and I was watching videos about you there was a line that you said in an interview..

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