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The top stories on newsradio wbz on the northbound lanes of the dan ryan are open now following this morning's antiviolence march that shut down part of them for a few hours weekend gun violence across chicago over the past twenty four hours leaves two men dead and several others wounded white man who challenged the black families use of a swimming pool in north carolina has lost his job i'm jim krasula i'll have the story wbz b sport is the georgia reds lead the cubs five nothing in the third socks astros about to begin croatia russia one one of the second england beat sweden to nothing dad's eighty one degrees we've got plenty of sunshine and we're headed for a high today of eighty four wbz news time to thirty one thousands of protesters shut down chicago interstate to draw attention to the cities gun violence and pressure public officials to do more to help neighborhoods hardest hit it buy it wbz m's michelle fiore watched it happen along the dan ryan and she joins us live now at the anchor desk dave this is the moment protesters completely took over the northbound lanes of the dan ryan every lane was shut down at seventy fifth street right around eleven thirty this morning fully to creighton was among protesters praying everybody's cheering and it was just awesome to see shut it down for the life and by the south side of chicago police originally kept protesters on the side of the road with traffic continuing to flow in the left two lanes but they wanted all lanes shut down the protesters is uh so they stopped at seventy fifth street wait there for more than an hour and then they inched forward it went awesome to shut it down and understand that we're doing this for the lives of young people the protest running from seventy nine to sixty seven streets right there on the northbound dan ryan reporting live at the anchor desk michelle fiore newsradio one one zero five point nine fm and father michael pfleger led the protest he said people did what they came to do blasting both the governor for calling the march chaos two men are dead and at least five other people wounded in shootings across chicago since the start of the weekend the most recent deadly incident happened at about seven thirty last night when a forty year old man was gunned down as several people approached him near ninety third and luella about four and a half hours earlier a thirty three year old man was killed when a person wearing a black mask and clothing shot him as he stood on a curb in the thirty eight hundred block of west monroe a rain shower and northern thailand today is making conditions worse at the cave where rescuers are waging a war with water and time to save twelve trapped boys and their soccer coach a rescue is possible within days but the rain could potentially set back progress made over the last week the bbc's dan johnson is watching the rescue efforts i think everyone understands the dilemma that the rescuers face that they want to get the boys after quick as possible that there are risks of them staying in that but also that every option for getting them out also carries risks a needs careful consideration and needs time letter was sent from the soccer coach through rescue divers to the parents of the boys apologizing for what happened it also contained a message from the boys saying they're doing well and missing their families a white man's challenge to a black family use of a swimming pool in a gated community in north carolina has resulted in some unanticipated consequences blooms problems started when he called police about jasmine at build event at a members only swimming pool in winston salem racial profiling i'm the only black person here with my phone and nobody else will act police found that the woman had a valid pool pass do you want to apologize adam do you want do you want to apologize bloom has not only resigned from his neighborhood association board he's lost his job with a packaging company over the incident that's gone viral jim krasula cbs news conflict of interest concerns involving a michigan company may slow and nationwide response to outbreaks of legionnaires disease the detroit free press reports that ann arbor based nonprofit research company nsf international has been coordinating work to develop new plumbing standards to reduce the growth of legionella bacteria the company announced in april that one of its for profit branches would be working with a massachusetts consulting firm.

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