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In a and wonderwoman there was an intelligence behind it wasn't a goofy nece that like the were had now work for thor but it's the with with wonderwoman she's she is wonderwoman you know she has a mean hurry actions are comical but they're not you know silly of yikes any says she she knows that she's not familiar with this culture and and she's learning as she goes and and that's the thing it this is a woman who with who dares to be smarter than the smartest man in the room and that that i loved as well and what really got me on the way out sedan another normally ask her what her favorite part of a movie was so on the way out i didn't even get to ask her she says in oh i will be able to pick a favorite part because i loved it all and on the way home she she just hit me with all kinds of questions about how she can grow up and be a strong and smart and as heroic as wonderwoman at how she wishes she could add of bracelets like that and how she wishes that she had that that uh special rope so she can help people and it it out on the whole tom on why you know all you can do is work as hard as you can and you can you can be a wonderwoman even if it's not like the one in the movie and it's it it was an experience that i if unless you're there with some when it's affecting.

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