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Yeah and is he won't be close enough what is it going to take out a boeing is supposed to be uruguay detained takes out half of man's boden's yeah not half of them but some you know they're you telling me you need every bone in your body you don't need every bone now body that's why some people have more bones and some people have less that's not that if 100 percent drew town where did you learn this from the internet like i learn every bank there were that true some people have xrays have more bones yet because then some of them more f into one together yeah now that scares me that's why babies or via you can uh flowing blamed in any way any way they got all his stretch armstrong you should i mean uh i was reading a thing about how in the middle ages they thought uh bike babies were like basically plato and said they would like buying babies to make them get longer and grew taller and decided it where no it didn't work your babies arc like plato and not a doctor um one ah as i was going through one of the other cosumes that i was i doubt you'll remember this but i was a silver hawk you remember silver hong uh they were like one of his like an official spin off and he was just like the same company that made uh thunder cats okay made this thing called silver hawks and a silver hawk man that's depressing i love that shows a is a fine i am just imagine your parents being like okay well it was a store bought okay uh then yeah yeah they were decide that's the one you want okay that's fine cool yeah i mean that's better than me at the same age like asking for like a television quality alf now i want to be the actual al i know how this works look i i have to be very similar in size to the man that they put me off qasim when they need a shot of al from the waist down yet surely you can sit every week and credits it happened it happened at least once.

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