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Especially when it's my friend, Steve Warner. How cool is it? That your middle name is? Noel? Yeah. Steve No. L Warner born on Christmas Day. Usually I'd have to make myself a note to call him on Christmas. But I've been taking privilege in so I don't e stayed in a Holiday Inn Express Christmas song. Let's start with Robert. Little Saint Nick Beach Boys now feel free to do like Neil in Austin and or Robert giving Warren one if you want little Saint Nick meets voice. He likes the chipmunk song. And Merry Christmas from the family. By Robert Earl Dams laughing Because he knows I'm not a big Robert Earl keen fan. I was until I went to Ah, Robert Earl Keen show and I thought that at Texas A and M Pepe rally broke out from Anthony and Mika. Uh, also hates the donkey song. Which we talked about yesterday. Dominic Donkey, Uh, favorites from Anthony Silent tonight and O Holy night. Good taste, Anthony. Daniel Driving home for Christmas by Chris Raya Not familiar with that one. Let's see here. I'm familiar with Chris. Rare. Yeah. Ah! Tony says Hallelujah By Kaylee Rogers. I believe she's talking about the Leonard Cohen tune. Hallelujah! It's fun thinking, Let's see Chris Vince Gill's. Do you Hear what I hear or any other events? Gil Christmas song dress up in Kingsland. All right, or it is down in Kingsland. First kings like it's up, It's up my marble falls. Okay, That's what I'll write. More of your will get into the e mail bag. More of your suggestions for the best Christmas one of the great things about doing this exercise making the Christmas list. Is you learned songs that You might not become aware of songs that previously you were un aware of right now headlines, traffic.

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