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Finebaum show podcast. Welcome back to the program. Tony barnhart. Joining us always great to welcome in. Tony, tony. I hope the off season even though it's two weeks and three days old has been good to you. Good afternoon. I has been good all good to hear from you. My friend wanna talk about a couple of things, but we were just talking about Alabama. And no you'd have to be in a cave. And I don't think you are to miss what has been going on there since the night of January, seventh your impressions of the exit from Santa Clara and the turmoil on Nick saban's coaching staff. Well, there's no there's no doubt all of us who were there that Alabama got beat by a very better chain better team that was better prepared and it was a thorough defeat. Now since then since we all got back home a lot has changed. But I I would always tell people when they ask about it is be very very wary of underestimating Nick Sabe now the. The change. He's had on his coaching staff. The last two years it has to me it has to catch up with you at some point. But don't take that that loss, and the fact that he's got to change coaches again for the second straight year don't read too much into that. Because I don't I don't think I don't think Nick savings ready to pass the time. Just you know, I I would agree with you, totally Tony. But I would like you to think back as you've watched great coaches over the years, whether it was an Meyer, replacing a lot of coaches at Florida or or Bobby Bowden or someone else for that matter. I realize he's unique. I realize he's the best that's ever been. But we're talking about major major change in in. He's been able to deal with it so far, but what are you watching for in feeling better about Nick Sabin than maybe some people? Well, I think one thing you got to keep in mind that his last four uprooting classes for whatever the rankings the worst, you know, the last four recruiting classes have been one one six and one all right now there's no question that when he came into recruiting this last glass, he went younger on his coaching staff. I think we all understand that. And it may have heard him in the back in the Xs and os. That's why it's so fascinating to me. Some of the guys he's bringing in like a Steve Sarkisian. I've heard you say this, and I agree with that somebody despite what their past was he's comfortable Steve's Archies in those Nick saving Nick Sabin, those steam or keys in and that's the thing. That's fascinating me now. Now, we'll catch up with him yet. But my my my issue would be when does that start to impact recruiting when that starts to happen to me? That's the red flies. You're right, all the great coaches who have who have slipped and fall fallen usually lost a little bit of an edge in recruiting. Let's switch gears. I was reading USA today this morning. There was my old friend. Tony Barnhart talking about the great Georgia running backs and man there have been I don't want to do a Larry Munson here. That's your job. But there have been a few and we will see to next week in the Super Bowl. But you ended up doing a ranking not difficult to pick the best. I think we could all do that. But take us through your process. Well, obviously, well, I got a call from. Oh friend Tom tool. USA today said hey, could you with Sony, Michelle and and? And Todd Gurley in the Super Bowl. Could you do this? And I'm sure I'll be happy to and obviously you start with history books you start with the leading Russia's of all time, and you you betta story template, and you just go down from there. And you know, where do they fit in the grand scheme of things? That's why had Charlie trippy at number two. I mean, I I talked to a lot of people about Charlie tripping over the years for a couple of my books, and this guy, you know, he's into college football hall of fame. The pro football hall of fame finished second Heisman Trophy. And so I felt good about putting him number two. Then after that..

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