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I don't know the year mom knows how it's GonNa be all right. I'll do all read the fall. Read I you choose Kyle Go K. The world will be cold enough to have gone into another Ice Age two times over by the two thousand. That's one with the amount of time. The Earth spins in a given millennia. Scientists predict mass dizziness in a pandemic vomit by the year two thousand ten because all spinning by the year. Two Thousand Fifteen every American household will deal with the tragic experience of their pets heads falling off after the fourth choice. After decades of cow abuses cows will develop a natural milk toxin that will wipe out the human race by the year two thousand twelve. Which one is real get an actual prediction scientists main? That's what I'm trying to guess. I'M GONNA go with the cow. Milk toxin and wrong is actually the the scientists decl So that the world will be cold enough to have gone into another ice age twice over by the year. Two thousand so not just one time like reach an ice as you'll get twice as cold as it would take didn't really happen in bars. I remember good. That's so confusing. Because didn't they don't they say we're warming say climate change now because then whatever is changing. It's changing the spinning thing though. I almost almost jumped on that one. One of my first dates with else rocket scientists. Dad We add salt and pepper Shaker on the table. And I'm like okay if the earth spins so fast how can we don't get dizzy? And I'm making it. Go around the sun spins speculated. Understand that it's big and it's that whole twenty four hour for once. I just thought everyone just always said the earth spins fast so whoever wrote that moving right now it's crazy to think about if it's so fast how come we're not dizzy. That's vomiting all.

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