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Gentlemen boys and girls. I'm denarlie this is since he threw cast the voices sends craft. I'm i'm really really killing grumpy right now. What i'm trying not to be I've been. I'm not annoyed that you guys. I met march first because they saved my life tonight. Thank you guys. We got your back. We'll turn this around home I mean i'm not gonna go too deep into a should but i'm not going to go too deep into it. I had a show scheduled on the other side of town Miles and miles away from here There was an epic snowstorm last night. You guys all know that you saw the snow there was like i don't know depending on where you're at nine ten inches of snow that you had to scrape off your car. Took the day off. Work to record a nice show across town with a brewery that Could use some good pr and some good Storytelling and cleared off my car cleared by schedule drove across town. And there was nobody there to record the show with me. Because i i i don't know i don't know stood up so Got grumpy drank. A couple beers stayed grumpy after drinking those beers. We'll put it that way and put out the call on social media for somebody to save my life and helped me make a show tonight and you guys answered the call We're so happy happy to be here. I am eternally grateful. Always to you guys coming through when i need you to To help me and I'm always happy to sit here and have a drink because you guys have some really great stuff appreciate happy to have you here. I i will say Before i talk about what. I'm drinking right now. I think you can find quotes of me saying that. I do not like belgian style beers. You didn't know that when you selected this. i did But i did. I have said that. I don't like belgian style beers but then every time i've had a belgian style beers since then i've really really enjoyed it so i think that i do like them but for some reason in my head i still think that i don't like them but I'm drinking double chin dual dual chen And it's fantastic it. It packs all of that Big kind of belgian character but stays drinkable. The which i guess kind of is is that your uh your thing. Trainable three couples. Ohio's drinkable crafts. Still up on the on the girder in the back of In the back taproom. I'll speak to that beer a little bit just because it's one of the favorite things that i've ever brewed real. I mean i mean so like. I'm probably similar you. Where do i like belgian beer. I know i like belgian beer. But i'm very selective when it comes to belgian beer brewed that with the spirit the intent to kind of like hit characteristics that universal to to other styles as well. So it's not just the one belgian the clove clover the the the banana or the the other characteristics. That could come with it right. I will say that like in our in our production planning meetings. I fought against belgium. Because i don't i'm with you. I don't like belgians. Like i don't like especially like trials and stuff like that like i just feel like. They're so maybe my experience with them is pretty limited but i typically don't like belgian beer so obviously i got outranked when it came to that And i love this one. Like i'm about it. We kind of snuck this one into the production schedule as well. It was kind of like. Oh we've got like kind of a hole like no one's really like given the green light for a for a belgian especially like a doable or a double however you want to say but it was kinda like well. We ordered the ingredients yard. You guys have in correct me. If i'm wrong here. You have a little bit of freedom here with how many things are going on march first to kind of sneak in some fun little like that from time to time that i think other places may not have i think we're we're blessed to have obviously the production facility that freeze this area up to bruce some wild stuff like this was one of those things and and Especially with the all the different lines. So we order somebody ingredients for like You know the honey whiskey. That just came out all this honey. So i started making. You know bee's knees cocktails behind the bar with it and and those types of things that allow us to do Small test batches of things in all of our lines. It's we're not just making beer. So we'll order ingredients for a whisky and then somehow full those into a beer or a seltzer. Or you know we'll get experience those agrees to where it's like a will open those channels and those relationships with suppliers and we'll have maybe an extra gallon or two behind the bar or like after production and then it allows like you said us to kind of get a little bit creative without as much risk involved opens up this whole big world to especially when you start diving into cocktails and things like that of the things that you guys can do here that other places. Maybe some other places can do. But just don't they don't think about. I don't like you guys. Seems like are always thinking about all of these different pieces and how they relate to each other feel like i could be wrong and i may get an email about being wrong but i feel like a lot of the places that are brewery distilleries. Brewery is a feel like they keep everything really separate and they're like these different machines operating kind of close to each other but you guys it. It overlaps a lot and even the different locations a fig-leaf for march i and soon to be wood-burning The way all of those kind of overlap each other and become part of the same thing but still have their own personality. I think is really really interesting in something that we were not seeing yet in cincinnati. Besides here we've tried to make that a habit even like going through in aging like the imperial stout in our own bourbon barrels right. Like that's not. A lot of people can do can do that so for us to have that flexibility even from that simple an example of using our own barrels to age are beer and using then that barrel to then age bourbon again for the stout cast bourbon. I mean yeah for sure. Like all of those pieces have to coincide for us to be to deliver the experience that we do in the tap. Room's how do you keep control over all of that in in like a Maybe logistical way of of understanding. Everything that's going on and how it can relate to each other and kind of keeping it from you know not going off the rails and tearing self apart spreadsheets and a lot of conversation. Yeah we we have a rigid friday morning. Which is the worst for me. Who's on the service side of things like friday mornings the worst When we're trying to get ready for the weekend but we have a rigid friday morning meeting. And from that spurs other meetings right like you know. The president of the company is is in that meeting with us and he meets with all the department heads and then we make a plan and then it's up to us then as managers to fulfill that plan and we there's been some stuff that's volunteer. Clap the cracks for sure But we've been where got a good team i think. That's that's the testament to is is between the two of us Josh bath you all these guys like we have talent at every level That you talented. Every level plus josh plus josh.

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