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And now a story about facebook ads spending I'm sure it's your favorite in the wake of all the troubles involving facebook and the two thousand sixteen election and all that stuff facebook a public portal that allows anyone to go and see who is buying political ads that services called the facebook Ad Library and you can easily lose an afternoon putting in search term rooms there and voluntarily looking at facebook ads lots and lots of facebook ads anyway I don't usually have to go and look at that because I see a summary every day a ballot pedia daily email which by the way I highly recommend and there's a link to that in the show notes at the top of those e mails give a breakdown of which presidential campaigns are in the the top five spending slots and today's breakdown is totally bananas so I figured I would let you know at the top it's President Donald Trump who spent one point four million dollars on facebook ads between September thirtieth and October sixth now there is a little asterisk on that number which says it includes more than three hundred forty thousand dollars that appeared on Vice President Mike Pence's facebook page but was paid for by the president but let me say that one more time one point four a million dollars in one week on one website that is a heck of a lot of money next. Was Tom Steiner the billionaire Democrat who spent four hundred sixteen thousand dollars then you've got Bernie Sanders at one hundred Ninety Three Thousand Dollars Elizabeth Warren at one hundred eighty four thousand dollars and Kamala Harris at nearly one hundred thirty seven thousand dollars in other words add up the remaining top four and you don't even crack a million bucks now the reason shaw this is basically if you're exposed in any way to any media this is the net effect of all that fundraising news you're GonNa see ads for all the candidates all over the place and right now the one candidate with the deepest pockets by far is President Donald trump.

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