San Presi, Paul George discussed on The Russillo Show


Make a run with them because ultimately what's going to convince george to stay is really a really good playoff run and feeling like they can go forward with that group uh that he could in so they're not there yet and i think uh you know they can get their this summer and uh uh but i think for him it was worth uh it's worth rolling the dice like this is why we made this deal and this is why we may carmelo because you wanna make a run with them and then they beat golden state twice this year pretty handily uh and so you hope that something that's encouraging for the future and so he never was i think they owe i think one thing san presi always does is have contingency so i am sure that he mapped out probably some possible deals with him if all of a sudden they got to the summit the rates and something changed course block but but but i don't but i think they had planned and then stayed with their plan which was we're going to we're going to keep paul are you we're gonna keep paul george and we're going to try to resign you have these days i don't know i think that he's i think he's got a positive experience there i think that he has wiped the organization i think he's like playing with that group uh i think that he's got a look at you know paul george has to do is look at the roster going forward look at the payroll and say is like what's the plan to make their sustainable because.

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