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3500 plus years ago and we're still complaining about it First this news lie from NPR news I'm Janine herbst in South Carolina police say a shooting at a shopping mall in Colombia has left several people injured In a tweet authorities say the extent of the injuries aren't known but that victims are receiving medical care Police have evacuated the mall some employees are sheltering in place this as authorities assess the scene We're yet on a motive In Ukraine explosions were heard in the capital Kyiv as Russia resumed air attacks after losing the flagship of its Black Sea fleet to what the U.S. and Kyiv say were Ukrainian fired missiles And pierce Franco ordonez reports from Kyiv mayor vitali Klitschko says one person was killed many more were wounded Klitschko said rescuers and medics are currently working on the site He pleaded with residents to quote not neglect air alarm signals and to take shelter when they hear them He also urged key residents who are considering returning to the city after relocating to remain in those safer areas Klitschko a former Ukrainian boxer has been telling key residents that the war is not over He says he expects Russian military forces will return to try and take the capital city NPR news Kyiv Ukraine Meanwhile Russia is banning British prime minister Boris Johnson and other senior British officials over London support for Ukraine and pierce Charles maines has more In a statement Russia's foreign ministry said the ban was imposed over hostile actions by the British government as well as sanctions against top Russian officials The Blacklist comes just hours after Moscow announced the expulsion of 18 European Union diplomats in a tit for tat response to EU expulsions of Russians meanwhile Russia's defense ministry claimed high precision long-range weapons destroyed an armed vehicle factory in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv on Saturday In recent days Russia has warned it would increase missile strikes on Kyiv in response to alleged Ukrainian attacks on several border towns inside Russia Ukraine has denied involvement Charles main's NPR news Moscow The Biden administration says it's planning to restart sales of oil and gas leases on public land Following a federal court ruling from last year and fears Laura bench of reports environmentalists are not happy Last summer a Louisiana judge paused a moratorium on new oil and gas leases that president Joe Biden issued shortly after taking office The Department of the Interior has now announced it will offer leases for about a 144,000 acres of public land this coming Monday That's far less land than was previously available and buyers will have to pay higher royalties even so environmental groups called the decision unconscionable and disheartening Secretary of the interior Deb haaland called these new terms a reset for a program that traditionally prioritized extractive industries over the environment a spokesperson for the American petroleum institute said the group is pleased by the announcement by concerned about the new restrictions Laura benshaw and PR news This is NPR news and in the WNYC newsroom I'm Tiffany Hansen It's tax day on Monday and deviating from tradition and raising questions about his financial transparency mayor Eric Adams is not committing to making his tax returns public WNYC's Elizabeth Kim reports Days before the federal tax deadline Adams was asked whether he would release his returns Whatever rules are in place we should transparency for those who are in public office I'm going to comply 100% He was referring to a mandated annual disclosure form New York public officials are not required to release their tax returns and most will only show redacted versions But the refusal by atoms to publicize his tax filings in any form.

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