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Rating atp instead we're storing the fuel as lipid droplets at paddock status but a few years ago my lab did an experiment in which we essentially wanted to look at obesity and type two diabetes in in a mouse and there was a lot of speculation that that might depress liver nasd as well and it did but it more strikingly depressed liver na dp h and naacp h is the central regulator of reactive oxygen species toxic so when you generate ross the reactive oxygen species have to be detoxified in a manner that depends on adp h so when you overfeed a mouse you end up with a storm of reactive oxygen species damages molecules you know systemically including in its nerves and these mice develop pre diabetic and diabetic neuropathy on the basis of their ability and diabetes and we can prevent that with provisions of nicotinamide riva's side that's just the first two knows say if i'm going to go out and drink a lot which by the way if you guys have re read the stuff there's all info graphic on if you're going to drink how to prevent damage i mean are you saying that having higher amounts of nicotine riboside is a good idea pre or post binge and by the way you shouldn't be benching he has me but benching that's good but having higher level of of nasd and you're by the way the liver loves taking up nicotinamide drive aside and so orel and our is very highly available to the liver and so i would say that if you were like going into passover seder some other reason why we're gonna have four glasses of wine just as you know i did on friday night last week being prepared preparing your body with a little bit more and our is probably a pretty good idea this is something where i got a positive for a second their child chirp you're not allowed to say at ness.

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