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Put it up on larry elder dot com and i say imagine how democrats media academia hollywood with a reacted to the first year of president brock obama's presidency if he had spent ten months battling allegations of collusion imagine from the very moment obama wins the election of publicans reminded the country that senator obama campaign against what he thought was george w bush is excessive militarism and one of the first things obama did to curry favor with the russians whose assistance he wanted for the iran deal i was too deep six the deal that george w bush negotiated four defence for poland and for the czech republic what would happen if republicans kept reminding people that and that therefore bottom must be engage in some sort of collusion with the russians with republican claim obama didn't really earned the presidency he stole that used in ancient djeddai mine tricked a sucker american people into walking to that booth and punching the ballot for america's first black president did this in course collusion with flammer putin imagine if cable news had hearing after hearing at the hearing as they do right now all these different committees investigating various aspects of president obama's campaign but now they couldn't find collusion now they're investigating what he did after he got elected and whether or not he's engage in any kind of lying uh any staffers lied to fbi investigators or engage obstruction of justice can you imagine with democrats will be saying editorial newspapers people like charles blow the angry columnist for the new york times uh tell us mild who is not angry but claims he's not angry but it's very much angry imagine what people like that would be saying right now if this was year one of obama's presidency and he's battling charges against of collusion remember when morgan freeman went crazy win mitch mcconnell merely said that the best thing i could do for the countries to make obama one term within all my goodness wagers them racism racism joe wilson says you lie to obama during the.

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