Lifelock, Theft discussed on Rush Limbaugh


You know the number of entities suffering some kind of data breach is not going down it's increasing retail chains are getting better at protecting their data but cities school districts hospitals they remain vulnerable you become a lifelock member you give them all of your data your numbers credit card numbers social security and so forth what happens is a profile is automatically created after not too long a period of time the way you use your credit cards the way you interact with businesses and so forth and on the internet there is a a basically a profile it's created how much money you spend every month where it goes this kind of nobody is studying you personally this is all computer information when your stuff is stolen and somebody starts using your data that causes a spike in that profile and in the lifelock computers are alerted and that's when people get involved and start letting you know that you may have been hacked you may have been defer frauded and ask you if you recently spent x wear and so forth and if you did you say yeah but it's me and everybody goes away but if it's not you that's when you are so happy you're lifelock member 'cause they start tracking down they literally try to stop it in its tracks and sometimes they succeed but no one can stop all theft cyber or otherwise at all businesses but i'm telling you nobody is better than lifelock and if something gets past them they've got what they call the restoration team that works with you until it's all fixed and put back in order it's only nine ninety nine a month and.

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