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You're muted self-fulfilling prophecy. All right Evens all right so a wing as this thing takes a bite into you. Wilder it lashes its tail out at. You does a twenty two hit. Yes you take twenty six points of bludgeoning damage as this thing. Hits you all right or bog. It is your turn eric. Just so you know or or has taken it upon himself to be acting mayor. Should anything happen to you. The i i read the chat. I know it didn't respond. Because i was super busy working that day but i i read the ridiculous chats. So he's so so he's a debating about which person to try to help the posing power has already the power you have. It actually laid claim to has already gone to your head actually in actually i think he knows he's really probably not cut out to be mayor so he he will And i know this is probably going to get me a wonderful attack of opportunity Although i don't know that thing can attack with something in its mouth. It's rude mouthful something. You mean wilder. Yeah that guy. He's making the names of these. Some things someone you say tomato. I say wilder whatever can can he tell it all like How like how close to breaking stumbled foods roka's after he blasted it make a perception check at this. Distance is kind of hard to tell. He's way up there and you're trying to look at a finite rope. That is around his wrist. So you're not well. He'll he'll yeah. He's going to run past the thing.

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