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You know, these are people that are treating him exactly the same way you would treat a doctor in the United States. Just I have epilepsy. I have a sprained ankle. I mean, I don't know what he would call himself watch middle or could undertow. But I mean, probably not shaman maybe does, but I'm not sure how he would self. Describe from that episode, what would you call himself? Do you think. He may have called himself a shop though he did have I would have to double champion. English. Yeah. I mean, a lot of those guys would sick when they watch something like that. This is not gonna make be relevant to anyone else. But since I'm curious, did you actually have like toilet shit or chicken shits splashed in your face and that episode because there was a shot while you're doing your chores or something awful and it was it was edited in to your cleaning montage. Got splashed on your glasses, and it looked awful. I don't know if that was done in the effects studio. Okay. You caught me couldn't resist that guy. I have. Fast fast. Lightly childish sense of humor. And and and yeah. You had to those good yak. The that episode also features. I think perhaps. My favorite wardrobe of yours, which is otherwise fairly constant, but the gigantic yellow like big bird hat. Yes, that you're, you're, you're dressed in towards the end. I don't want to give away too much. You didn't look too happy to be doing. I guess. I imagine I haven't encountered this directly in the in the San Pedro or watch Huma. Cactus tradition, but these Sopa data's where he where he was having you take in the Florida water or whatever that was to your mouth to spritz on him. He did not look happy to be doing so terrible. Have you done that before? I have. Yeah, you don't. You don't want to certainly don't wanna drink it. You don't hold it in your mouth. It's it's pro what? Probably ninety five percent ethanol and I lost the ability to taste for several days after doing that. It was. It was actually maybe one of the most damaging things I did in the entire show was holding the Florida water in my mouth. What were there for? What was one of the for people who may be? So we talked about people who are nervous or apprehensive yet. Curious, what about the overly confident cocksure person who might go into something without a healthy level of respect. Is there? Is there an episode you'd recommend the the DM episode, the opener for that episode? I think does it pretty decent. Five and by them you not EMT. Yeah, you know, I, it's, it's hard to say because. That's a great example. And I've seen that outside of my film work obscene. Someone who had a very cocky attitude approach. Five MED MTA is is like I've done a ten strip. Dude, I've done ten St. Minneapolis? Yeah, I've done whatever. Whatever I'm a does. Nothing that can veterans psycho on, and and then you know, it's a bad attitude. You don't want to enter any experience with that attitude because what? What good could possibly come up that? So it's. It's good to. Take things seriously. You don't want to be afraid, but it's a serious experience. I mean, it's I would say it's no less serious and being reborn. So if you want to be reborn, angry, Caucchioli confrontational attitude, then go for it, but it's probably not the best approach. But that's the other thing is I've had to cultivate a really lese fair attitude toward a lot of things to do my show affectively if you're going to be journalist and you're going to interview people, you can't constantly be telling them what's right and what's wrong. And there's a lot of moralism and there's a lot of psychedelic prescriptivism in the community. People love to say, you're doing it wrong. You're doing a, you're not serious enough. You're just trying to get high. It's not respectful. It's not traditional. It's abuse, and I really hate to see that. I think that's one of the worst things that somebody can do because ultimately, if you do that, you're just aping the government's same mistakes of setting up these rules of right and wrong ways to use drugs..

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