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Things like not shopping. Be Jakes live generously for 56 on the ring Central News line. It's summertime is usually a lot of vacations and trips going somewhere. And while some people are traveling, some are not in CBS's Pam Culture tells us some have had to cancel. It's a safe bet that anyone who had a vacation scheduled in the last few months canceled it or had it canceled for them. With so many flights grounded, and that includes justices of the Supreme Court. They canceled trips to the Czech Republic, Ireland, the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. Because of the pandemic, it turns out that may envy their colleague, Justice Clarence Thomas, who wants a 40 foot refitted tour bus and can use it anywhere. There's a place to plug it in. Pam Coulter. CBS News Old Iron saws after A few months being closed because of the pandemic is back in business. The oldest commission worship float in the world 222 years old, even though Old Ironsides closed down in March because of covert 19 they welcome to million's aboard with virtual live tours. But chief Petty Officer Elliot for Bree's EOE says there's no substitute for stepping foot onto this historic vessel. As soon as you step aboard, you feel A tangible connection to our nation's most early history and the people that fought and died on this ship, the sailors or the reason we still have a country today, and when you step on board the ship, you feel connection to them. Unlike other sites and museums, there's no need to sign up online and visits are free..

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