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Keep in studio is one of Cindy's favorite guys to watch as Fernando swings at the first pitch fastball and stinks it deep right field. Forget it home run for Fernando Totti's Jr. He's 15th of the season and the Padres pad their lied a little bit 5 to 2 here in the seventh on 97.3 the fan. We go inside the numbers brought to you by the new Ford Super duty built for tough Ta teach juniors 15 all runs in his team's 1st 42 games on Ly one other shortstop in major league history. Has done that. It was a rod. He did it three times, spook and singing. That kid is something special. Fernando Totti's junior. I mean, you know we were talking yesterday. Singing and doing the Dodgers Rockies game. Segers having a good year, and he was in a conversation for the group of Young short stops for a little bit, but hasn't been able to stay healthy. Overall, the conversation is really focused on indoor on Bogaards on story abayas. And now you can't help but wonder if Ottis Junior hasn't just rocketed past all of them. First one from Winkler that Mrs Upstairs Ball one toe Tommy Edmund Jan Winkler so far this season, no record on the array of uneven three 12 appearances. Bitch check slang of all upstairs appeal. The third didn't go says will little and now it's too late. Pride of Stanford. Too old. Swing and a ground ball. Right side kidney picks it up throws. The first Edmund is out on the plate Bater down to third, two outs. Move. I think the Cubs fans might argue that what Nico Horner's pride to stand for no Good point. Two guys were teammates think you're writing a little bit? Yeah. You hate our team. You hate our team. Yes, that's you Have that T shirt made yet. I don't hate your team. At your ranch. That's one of your rants. My T shirt. My T shirt would say I hate you. First pitch is upstairs. Paul Goldschmidt for Ball one. Everyone. I know that you're not a CZ. Invested in the Twittersphere is I am not that I would save them overly invested. Get on the ground short to be continued by as up with it over the first Paul Goldschmidt retired and a good job. Bye. Winkler. Bater is left stranded more on Twitter when we return midway here in the fourth Cardinals leading the Cubs 53. This is Sunday night. Baseball. India's Get radio is presented by Capital One knows life doesn't alert you about your credit card. OK, we've got nine stuff to keep you rockin while you work. Oh, and Colleen? Yes. You calling with a k Your free trial of movie Plus and tomorrow and your card, maybe charged. Do you want to continue or canceled so meaty? No Thie Capital. One assistant, you know, looks out for surprise charges like with three trials expires..

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