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Act dot com slash choice today Ten 18 Traffic and weather on the 8s here's rob stallworth in the traffic center New problem being reported in Virginia This is the arup near little river in the report of a crash maybe one overturned there I don't know brampton to sound that un 95 has been reopened from the earlier wreck You guys are looking pretty good there Southbound I 95 on the ramp to one 23 Eddie reports the crash one into the Jersey wall along the right side response should be on scene no problems on I 95 itself right now as you leave the Springfield interchange headed toward Fredericksburg traveling on I three 95 going northbound looking pretty good as you leave out some road headed up to and across the 14th street bridge eastbound 66 out of the tunnel near one ten we have the right side and the on rent from one ten to go on to 66 blocked as a result of the crashing there The traveling the rest in Parkway at sunset hills road that's where we had the reported wreck in Maryland on the beltway This is the inner loop near Richie Marlborough road exit 13 the son of the roadway had some chairs set up there People are trying to avoid them to watch out there on the interloop near Richie Marlborough road I looked before Georgia avenue was the report of a crash in a loop At three 55 that's where we had the crash along the left side uncertain if that is still there or not traveling to 70 looks good leaving Frederick headed through Rockville no problems on I 95 for now Baltimore Washington Parkway we had to crash southbound at two O two with a single left lane was getting by the rec scene there I 97 southbound near Ben Phil boulevard and veterans highway was the reporter crash also in Colombia southbound 29 rev to eastbound 32 That's where we had that crash along the right tyre roadway If you're in the district and new crash southbound D.C. two 95 rent to the end on the street bridge reported to be one into the Jersey wall possibly the 6th one today so use caution north and I two 95 ram to the inbounding lemmon street braised at crash would be clear If you're traveling at this point on the freeway guys are looking pretty good with no issues being reported right now as you make your way across the 14th street bridge I'm rob stallworth wtp traffic and that is storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller We've got rain showers that are pushing off towards the east and drying conditions anticipated here through the morning hours it's mild We're in.

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