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Probably have him third maybe fourth at the very lowest. So now, I'm going to rank him right after the Joe mix and Philip Lindsay, David Johnson group, but you're starting. Yeah. I met of Johnson. And I think you you start him as if he's going to be a number one quarterback running back. I love that quarterback. I don't think I I'm more agree with heath. I think you've got to build in a little bit of trepidation that. He's not a hundred percent. So. He's at the the back end of the number one guy. So we starting over them for net. Daba cook David Johnson child. Lindsey all those guys me. Thanks talk thirteenth right there. Yeah. All right. I'll be Mr. optimistic on Melvin Gordon. So Melvin Gordon. Yeah. I if he plays people are gonna start him. And that means people are not gonna start Justin Jackson, but what about Damian Williams spoi-? Are we getting flooded with Damian Williams questions? I just got. So here's an interesting one. I just got one half PBR Damian Williams are Tyler Boyd. I think I'm gonna lean toward Williams. Yeah. What do you expect tonight from Damien Williams? Assuming Spencer wears out. He's doubtful right now. Expense. I'm sorry. I I would expect somewhere between Spencer ware against the raiders and Spencer where against the ravens. I have him projected for seventy one total yards and a point seven five touchdown that sounds about right to me. I think he'll be and I think he can get like five catches on top of that. So I've got him for four. So I've got him close to top twelve and in PR and middle of the pack number two running back in non PR. Here's what I like Kareem hunt. This year had about nineteen touches per game on average he gets kicked off the team Spencer wearing his two games at seventeen point five touches per game. David Williams has already getting nine and a half touches per game. It's the backup behind Spencer ware. And now that he's going to be the guy. I think we can safely assume soon there's no hijinks from Andy Reid that. He can get in that fifteen plus touch range. Yeah. Our earlier this week. I think on the waiver wire show. I said that the chargers were really good against pass catching running backs touchdowns. They are the only allowed to but six running backs had forty five or more receiving yards against the chargers. That's a pretty big number. Over they've been better lately. But there's there's opportunity here you points, you want the running back is going to be on the on the high scoring team. That's David Williams, Damian Williams or Melvin Gordon tonight..

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