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Other. But yet this group of coaches Sean McVey and Kyle Shanahan have so much lineage to the 40 Niner team that it makes for a very interesting matchup. Of course, Shawn McVeigh's grandfather. Was. John Biggs is the general manager when Bill Walsh had those great teams and, of course college. Shanahan's dad, Mike Shanahan was an assistant on that under Bill Walsh, and with that coach's treat continued on when they work together in Washington. So you have Ah, great knowledge of everyone together. Well, the 40 Niners are coming off a bye week and they're banged up. They've had a lot of injuries during the course of a year. And the last time these two teams met was October 18th. The 40 Niners were healthier. They won 24 16 over the Rams and Kyle Shanahan has won three in a row over his protege, Sean McVeigh. But the rains are coming off a big Monday night football win in Tampa, and they're at seven and three. The 40 Niners are coming off a bye week. They're foreign six and you're struggling Injury wise for the Rams Left tackle Andrew Whitworth is out for the year and Joe Note room. The third year offsets of tackle from TCU will be protecting The blind side of Jared Goff. They've had some struggles place kicking. They have their third place kicker in the remember, Um Greg Zuerlein was allowed to go to Dallas and The Rams went with early rookie kicker who that released and now they're with Matt Gay, So they're still untested in that place Kicking situation. The Niners will start Nick Mullins it quarterback. He wears Jersey number four from Southern Mississippi and his fist started. Oh, yeah? His favorite player Growing up. Brett Farve also played at Southern Miss. Um, War number four. So you've got the Rams with a great offense and Darryl Henderson and Cooper Cup Have really been outstanding for golf when he gets off on the right start defensively. Aaron Donald with nine sacks is a force to be reckoned with, and they have a new showcase corner. And that's Darius Williams. Yes, four interceptions on the air. So on a day in Southern California, where this would be an absolute sell out, it's going to be played before an empty crowd. It's so five stadium All right, a couple of division rivals getting at it and just a little while Chuck will talk to you it within the hour. K's in L, A one of three.

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