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There are no choices but now you want to move sideways backwards down i'm one of the most important times that i see people not jump when they shed is about changing either industries are function so you know they work intact or they work in banking or they work in retail and they wanna change industries or functions they work in sales they work in marketing but they'd rather work in sales are marketing there are a lawyer but they'd rather be in the business development side there are so many times i've seen people not make that champ because they're afraid there emptiness in air quotes you can't see me but move backward so let's say you're lawyer and you decide he don't wanna be a lawyer you'd really rather be in marketing and your thirty five or forty five or however all the let's say 35 for this example and you've decided you wanna be in marketing but you're at a certain level and never done marketing so no one's gonna hire you at that level so you need to take a step back meaning go down a couple levels if you can financially afford it and you're going to work the next i dunno thirty years who cares about going down right absolutely people do that all the time sometimes when you wanna jump you know you're not gonna get the same possession i went from being treasury i was the chief of staff it was a position with at least some responsibility i had a lot less responsibility when i first joined bulow no one was gonna make media there is no chief staff if there was that job no one was giving it to me because i haven't worked in tak i came in.

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