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The ball is going jackie arabas sites yeah yeah he would be on his way to richmond is casey stangl used to say we like you we want you to work on that fastball but you're going to do an enrichment now at scranton for them but boy what what a half the national sherzer had a great game syndergaard had a big game and those are two teams they look like heavyweights in the division don't they all do i mean you know the washington we know is the mets are interesting you know what i mentioned you you wonder about david price that's significant that he threw wellman same thing with pretty much the entire met staff i mean if the mets can you know put that pitching staff or something close to it back together all of a sudden they're a factor get everybody's assuming that washington will run away at the division but if harvey pitches well if match suddenly you you've got a a rotation again and their contender one because i believe harvey is not the same as he was years ago the dark knight throwing ninety eight but i think he's capable he looked good spring training then you get the graham and send the guard looks like maybe the best pitcher on the planet right now and then you get matched but the now the guests woman is in the bullpen see what's happened paul paul wide with us in a poll and i've been talking ball for years already but now you get oh men who gives you two innings and now you're all of a sudden you're you're not pushing your starters which we see all the time now and all of a sudden the key guy in baseball is the guy who could pitch two innings exactly we saw andrew miller's venzke was houston last year was so significant for them all season long into the playoffs it used to be so rare do you remember years ago when when the when the.

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