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Story number three Brown moustache I'm just asking Pedro sanchez I'll bet you ACLU is suing the federal government over the. Term illegal alien the lawsuit has been filed in California stating that no human being is illegal and seeks to change the legal definition to. Undocumented alien story, one San, Francisco poop patrollers making a hundred eighty five grand story to the baby poo, smoothie for story three ACLU sues federal government to change the. Term illegal, alien all. Right Dr deliver what? Are you thinking Number three one for three see wit one one for one and Stephen new Windsor I'm going I'm going rogue number two. Number two, all across. The board here today Rogue. I play. There is no matter of fact my. Golf course throwing logging story one Cal San Francisco poop patrollers make. One hundred eighty five grand true. Story Oh god Let's? See, what What what does? That tell you Tells me it tells me you can take. It. The rest of. The. Morning all so thank you goodbye Why would you want why would you wanna get up and report on traffic when you go to San. Francisco. And pick up. Boop Listen what time slightly look booby Jeff retired he traffic didn't it all his life Yes he, did he stepped in center Number, two St.. Joe's baby poo smoothies Yeah that's a true story sorry but that's the thanks for listening. And thanks. For playing the game here this morning God mighty look at it Mr. crap'll. Himself want again story number three are fake news. Story. Of. The day well I'm going. To, have a. Nice, weekend he's gonna start. A, whole new line of crayons crap crowns a different shades of Brown yes they do Now these crap milk milkshakes, you're talk we're talking about. Here they actually use right yes baby poo Yep baby robotics I would know. I've, not tried them nor would I would. Be interested in either I thought you were a, hands-on. Guy, here you know when you. Give, these crappy Yeah that's right exactly All right chocolate seen a couple. Seven fifty ten minutes now, before the arbiter o'clock you're listening to Sean and. Frank Maryland's wakeup call you have tax problems kissed. Because. We're past April fifteenth doesn't mean the IRS isn't. Gonna come after you they can garnish your wages or. Seize your Bank account you can't afford. Not to. Get help call me Greg Talbot. Was strategic tax resolution we, are, the, local, guys, four, four, three three six seven nine thousand people tend to wait too long to get help and. Make their problems worse so don't put it off is not, going to go away call strategic tax, resolution, now, at, four, three three. Six seven nine thousand we have secured access to government programs that can defer payments and allows settlement based on. Your ability to pay we'll handle everything with so. You don't have to and usually it's not as, bad as you think but you need to act.

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