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Eighty nine so long time long time and love the guy he is a hall of fame coach and a really good dude and he has been very involved with his players during this pandemic and now with what's going on and I thought be great to get Tom's perspective as he deals with youth every day and he joins us now it's good morning how are you with all that is going on in our world what happened I'm probably healthier than I've ever been a fan of the peloton everyday for the bike outside you know my wife's boyfriends of September play live longer and you know other than that stuff you know I've been saddened by what's going on not only to the pandemic the social racial injustices that we're dealing with that so it's been a very there is a real time if you ask me and one that I'm not like everybody else I'm just disappointed in what do you tell your players about their role and helping to take our society to another level what do you tell them as their mentor you know I I I I instead of telling them I looked in the mirror to be honest with you when I looked in the mirror I said what what am I doing and all because I you know it's done as they say four hundred years that African American people are trying to move forward and you know and I don't I just come to the conclusion I was on a coaches call yesterday in the NE BC that that's why I don't just have to do a better job you know you it's hard to promote yourself you know Dick Kaplan goes and says I'm the greatest radio man in America no one's gonna take that for March if Tom Izzo says eight their captains when the best in America it has more value you knowing and I don't think we and then I say we as a white basketball coach maybe has done enough and so that's what I'm gonna look at there we got a lot of calls among some communities knowledge are the any of the scenes kinda get together have a great conversation because the Kanyama curry Frank Martin was was unbelievable yesterday so I'm trying to you know not only educate but this this time of are we gonna get a little better that's got a handle we've got to change it all in and and I I'd like to say that for me I'd like to drop a lot of the prefects is here now I'm an Italian American value now on this my wife's a Mexican American you know I'd like to get everybody to the Americans and that's kind of the the way I'm looking at it so did Mel Tucker is the second black football coach in Michigan state history I know he's been dealing with this with his team do you guys get together and say you know what how are we going to address our athletes together as an athletic department or is it basketballs here footballs there women's basketball's over there now you know basketball and football of course have to be tied at the hip you know it's been that way since I started here as a coach when Nick Saban was here and I went through the whole Bobby Williams and John L. Smith and then of course mark Dantonio and now Melvin awesome right lives a block from the pain we do he we just talked yes they were talking today about some of this and so I you know I I think you look at it and I'm gonna try to look at a normal year probably seventy five percent of my players are African American you know I I look at the house I live in the car you drive a sedan and a lot of people in that community to thank in a lot of ways and and I think Mel and I are talking you know how we can educate better but how we can really get people our own players to talk about it's like everybody's afraid you know people don't like to be uncomfortable you know people don't like you know there's a lot of people that run from some things and adversity in now and and I think you got a bill to stand up to adverse things stand with it and stand up to the uncomfortable conversation and do more on the and then maybe the preventative side instead of like we're working on now the crisis side then you started your statement the other day the last few days have been among my most difficult as a coach what has been the most difficult thing for you well because I don't I don't believe in and you know what we're we're doing in a way you know we're not standing out helping enough or not not call my players I've called them the last couple nights at some calls with a zoom call with the parents you know I mean we just have to do a better job and it's been difficult because I'm trying to salvage value we're kind of guy with my own staff looked on at the university of Colorado you have my players and it's been difficult because you know we don't know what everybody goes through ya ya used a term in cancer you know it's been so blessed that nobody in my immediate family enemy just my wife and kids but my even my you know all my aunts and uncles and address you issues with cancer and yet I'm on a lot of cancer committee that raised a lot of money for cancer because I want to do because I think eventually I know my chances are good of something happening and so on I look at it as a preventative way and I don't think we've looked at this the same way you know we we don't talk about things that are uncomfortable to talk about and sometimes and and even my players don't so it's just not knowing I don't like to not know some of the better job of getting even more educated listening a little better and seeing how I can help there was a coach I think it was my coach Moton who came out said too many white coaches are silent you are not silent you will never be a guy silent your statement was outstanding and well received when he says that that there's a lot of white coaches that haven't said anything yet they want to go into the inner cities and recruit African American players you are a white coach what is what what do you feel about that did you feel a responsibility to put that statement out raven said earlier David that responsibility I don't know just a just a Hey you know what I appreciate a lot of African American kids and families have done for me and I don't disagree with him I don't think we've done a good enough job you know are you know I I heard something that Shannon Sharpe said on TV the other day that was really good he said that you know you don't have these problems in the locker room did you bring in a million locker rooms both as a coach and as an intermediate guide and you know no coach would put up with racial issues in the locker room no coach would it if somebody is gay or lesbian you know you eat you look at your locker room thank you just look at your locker room as I've got to get all these guys together they're all from different areas we have some kids in Europe if some kids from the inner city we have some kids from the farm land you know we have all different kinds of kids but championship teams find a way to get them together maybe a country can learn from the locker room in the house and and I think we do a damn good job in our locker rooms you know whether it be a golf team of maybe eight or a football team of one hundred thirty the only way they're going to be successful as of everybody's striving and working towards a common goal I've seen anyway we're gonna be comma and a great country is if we all work on a common goal I mean I I go far as to say I hope we get to the point where Democrats and Republicans can be on the same page because you know what's going on now is this is criminal to be honest it's embarrassing how about the pandemic when this hits okay you're getting ready for you hope a run to a national title you've got a really good team the big ten tournaments pulled away from you I'm on the court at the Barclays getting ready to broadcast the Atlantic ten that's gone and all of it gone and you're a guy very involved with your players and now they're telling you send the kids home you can't be within you know six three nobody is going to be on campus so how did you handle all of that yet still stay active in their lives wow what a million dollar question that is David that day was one of the Saturdays you know I look at a guy like Cassius Winston return through so much with the lost his brother and was just starting to you know I can't get back to some normality in his life and cracks and better we were playing better I didn't think we had a team that could've made a run you know we're playing our best ball last six seven games even with a loss we're playing better and and then all of a sudden they you know we find out as well transaction declined products C. and out here at home and we were leaving at noon to go to Caroline taxes internet Miller started going down the Indian my double payments at a ten to twelve the terms can cancel Michigan rockers are warming up they're not going to play and I said well my god and then so kids Connor you know shower hung in there and and then all of a sudden I get a call at four from my presence at the end she is going to cancel and so I called him back for the car to get to him before the social media data and that was one of the sadder moments I've had as a coach you know just looking at seniors looking at kids in it was a you know it was a tough time and and then I. Greg my seniors into a separate room and talked to them yesterday I don't think I'm one of the column that there's going to be setbacks and disappointments in life and you know some are you gonna move forward and so was it was difficult now some forty letter was sent to them all right and you know I guess I learned Dave for a guy that's not a big Twitter guy not a big email guy I've learned zoom anyway I'm I'm pretty good at zoom right now and I assume inquires soon families when parents own records and just trying to stay in touch and especially this last week and a.

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