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The following is a conversation with jeremy surrey. A historian at ut austin whose research interests and writing are on modern american history with an eye towards presidents and general individuals who wielded power quick mention of our sponsors element monk pac bell campo for sigmatic and eight sleep. Check them out in the description to support this podcast as a side note. Let me say that in these conversations for better or worse. I seek understanding not activism. I'm not left nor right. I love ideas. Not labels and most fascinating ideas are full of uncertainty tension and trade offs labels destroy that i try ideas out. Let them breath for time. Try to challenge explore and analyze. But mostly i trust the intelligence of you the listener to think and to make up your own mind together with me. I will try to have. Economists and philosophers on from all points on the multidimensional political spectrum including the extremes. I will try to both have an open mind and to ask difficult questions when needed. I'll make mistakes. Don't shoot this robot. At the first sign of failure. I'm still under development pre release version zero point one as usual a few minutes of as now no ads in the middle as listening. I hate those. Give you time stem. So if you skip please check out. The sponsors by clicking on links and description is the way to support this podcast. I'm very picky with the sponsors. Which eight con so. Hopefully if you buy their stuff you'll find value in it just as i have. His episode is sponsored by element electrolyte. Drink mix spelled l. m. n. t. I've been doing a lot of kito and carnivore diets and fasting. And i think the number one thing to get those rights is to get your electrolytes specifically sodium potassium magnesium. That's where elements has been really helpful for me. Both when i'm exercising fasting all that kind of stuff. It really does make a huge difference. You know the thing that people talk about the kito diet is you get this kind of what they call kito flu. We feel groggy. There's headaches all the kind of stuff and that really most of the time could be fixed with getting the electrolytes into your system. Making sure you drink a lot of water and getting electrolytes element just makes it very easy to get that mix correct olympians use it tech people use it. I swear by this stuff. Try it at drink. Element dot com slash flex. That's drink elleman. T dot com slash lex..

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