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Begins at 7 30 on WTMJ in baseball 11th street winds now two straight losses for the crew. Swinging ground ball through the left side base hit. They're going to send her out the runner from third, he's going to score and it's four to Tyrone Taylor's first hit of the game comes up in a big situation. The Brewers rally late in the Big Apple, but it's not enough to get the dub trailing 41 in the ninth. The Brewers first three batters reach and run scores on a Tyrone Taylor hit with the tying run at first in the go ahead run at the plate. The next three batters are retired Mets closer Edwin Diaz. We need to give ourselves a chance, but we got to give ourselves a chance and more innings. I think that's the kind of message from tonight Manager Craig Counsell in the first eight innings, the Brewers only managed a total of three hits and never have more than one in an inning. Matt Polly WTMJ SPORTS Monday's final score 4 to 2. Same two teams continuing that series. Tonight. You can hear the game on our sister station 94 or five ESPN. It's not all bad for the crew for the first time in team history, the Brewers sending three pictures to next week's All Star game. And in which of Corbyn Burns, Josh Hager all headed to Colorado. The all surrogate a game taking place a week from tonight and finally Aaron Rodgers back on your TV Today, the quarterback playing in a celebrity golf match with Bryson DeChambeau against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. The event starts at four o'clock on TNT, TBS and Tru TV. Rogers did say on Monday that he's been spending his offseason focusing on his mental health will also find out today if Rogers indeed opted 1020 21 NFL season I mean, he did have to make that decision by last Friday at three o'clock, but the league offices have been closed since that moment in time and reopen this morning. So the transaction wire actually has an updated since three o'clock on Friday afternoon, so he's still on the clock. You still kind of on the clock here. We never got official word as to whether or not he did indeed opt out. I would be stunned, but something to keep an eye on about eight o'clock this morning, 5 19. We want to help your nonprofit. Keep doing good. It's an incredible.

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