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You have to do is call one eight hundred is it one eight hundred got junk dot com it's four twenty eight traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks the district south capital street outbound toward the Anacostia the crash beyond the old and new Douglas bridge spans cleared Massachusetts Avenue northeast between Stanton park in Union Station a block or two off limits for a police investigation I three ninety five from the southwest freeway to Springfield I ninety five for the bill with a Stafford heavy traffic leaving the tunnels across the Potomac from Shirlington Duke and from Newington the aka Kwan and without the incident no mishaps southbound on three ninety five ninety five outer loop heavy early from van Doren to the Woodrow Wilson bridge crash in the local lanes beyond rude one Alexandria cleared but that touched off an early delay on the outer loop and a spill back rebel back in the old town as well on a route one sixty six westbound heavy from the beltway to Vienna from fair likes to Centerville eastbound sluggish through falls church interludes slow from the toll road across the legion bridge past River Road the outer loop is also having from the spur past river toward Carter rock river road west bound in the Potomac slow the crash report after persimmon tree road Howard County route twenty nine north bound toward Ellicott city the traffic jam leads past route forty toward I seventy a crash report on the left side of twenty nine northbound route one hundred west bound beyond the Baltimore Washington parkway crash reported on the parkway in ninety five between the built ways just volume delays under the parkway east bound from Riverdale Bladensburg on four fifty a crash eastbound on Annapolis road for fifty with at one point only a single file getting by get up to fifteen hundred dollars off your brand new heating system with now call eight six six seven seven stand up guys visits now heating and air dot com Dave told on WTOP traffic after a pleasant day overall today will have plenty of clouds out there tonight in maybe an isolated shower or two with lows in the upper thirties to mid forties tomorrow is all about the winds gusting.

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