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Bruton's human performance a nutricia that resulted america's top personal trainer i'm one of the globes most influential people health and fitness is show provides you with everything you need to optimize physical and mental performance he is ben greenfield power doherty balance whatever it is reviewed the natural loop yet alternate with wasn't all the studies done studies that have shown the greatest efficacy all the information you made in one voice right here right now call the been greenfield fitness podcast hey folks it's ben greenfield and i am holding in my hand right now this book called beyond human i think i found this when i was i was lurking around on the vice website reading a bunch of articles on longevity an anti aging as i'm prone to do when i'm either a border be curious and i i found the an anecdote about this book and i picked it up in it's actually it's it's very intriguing feared you're the longevity or anti aging and also how that ties into a lot of the radical medical technologies that are emerging today this book is a must read for you this podcast is probably a must listen for you because i was able to uh to wrangle the author to come on the show author of this a book eve herald the book is called beyond human how cutting edge science is extending our lives and it goes into micro electronics engineering nanotechnology cellular and gene therapies robotics artificial intelligence i it's it's very intriguing and extremely thought provoking so easy first of all nice job on this book and second sir thanks for coming on the show are thanks for having me ben yeah and and i'm just curious before we dive into this book and also how you got interested in this whole uh anti aging phenomenom in the first place are you are you one of those folks who falls into the category of someone who plans on living to the ripe old age of a hundred and sixty or 100 eighty or or two hundred or you are those people well it all depends on how well my brain gay in our because if if long if my brain is.

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