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I mean is a hobby. Everyone got hobbies. That's the thing. A lot of people are kind of associated with the like pandemic You know home home activity while quick sidebar. Last year got into electronics. So it was like my hobby was like modding me trollers switches old game boys and then i kind of fell off of it earlier this year because things started to get a little bit better now that we're starting to turtle up a little bit. I've been getting really interested in doing it again. I wonder what that is. Don't i don't i was like a reflex. Reflect yeah we our friend Cassiano got real tight and gave us some tie-dye socks very early on in the pandemic And it's it was. It was actually something i was planning to get into at the beginning of quarantine and then for various reasons just didn't largely because it is a pretty lengthy process serious reasons. Do you mean you grew started growing child And also it's like it's a very kind of time intensive process. So there's there's the the wrapping the rubber band moshe and then there's the so keen on the die in in various like segments. You know of of depending on what pattern you want. And then there's like washing and then soaking you know there's like a there's like a mighty you can say all these things i don't know i don't i do not remember mar. The birthday party we went to or tithing was involved for the children. Did i do it now. i guess. I don't know i don't know how it works. The the trick is to let the die soak long enough and then Wash it. I believe in cold water So that you don't lose all of the but it's just the way it's cramped than it makes the crazy. Yeah you kinda swirl it and then rubber it so yeah the like the spiral of it can create kind of spiral pattern or if you can fold it. Certain ways different types of patterns. It's kind of like origami in that. Way the chaos. I don't like. I think it's potato tied. I like constructions. you know. Connect point eight point. Be to make see happen but tide is like just twisted up baby. Dip it in that is true. There isn't maybe set for the fact that you do not know what it's i don't mind so you take everything out. I have made quite a few tied items. That just looks blotchy. There's no searchable pattern. Yeah i can't. I just like the i like the multicolor. I think i might actually like the chaos. I always say that. But that right now on the dharma your greg stopping were both greg rachel. I have this conversation a lot when one of us wants to say or do something fun and the other one's not necessarily right head space for it. We will accuse one another of being the greg and where the dharma ultimately. We're both the whenever we talk about it for more than two minutes. We come to the realization. That were both greg. Greg greg and that if one of us was dharma this relationship probably it's true. I always think about this scene. And i don't know if it actually happened. But this leg this Commercial or whatever preview or teaser for an upcoming episode. Where dharma is dancing on a table and greg is standing on the floor looking up at her and i think yeah i wouldn't be on the table and both both you and i would be on the ground looking up at this phantom dharma and our relationship managing like..

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