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A little cooler tomorrow. We're looking attempts in the mid eighties to around 108. This report is brought to you by grocery outlet from the Southern California Toyota Dealers Traffic Center. We make it easy. We're going to go back now to that crash on the four or five in the supposed pass North bound before Mulholland Drive. This crash has now been moved out of Lane's. That's the good news, the bad news, your stop and go from Wilshire Boulevard. Back to a problem in West Covino KF Eye in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. How does it look? Mike O'Brien extra tight here, Dave, It's a 10 eastbound heading up Kellogg Hill towards Via Verde. They gonna stuck big rig in the right lane. So that stretched very heavy through west West Covina. They're back to about Pacific Also is just getting over Hollywood shop found 101 that's gonna load up from Sunset Boulevard into downtown Looks like the North bound side little heavy stretch from sunset on and off in the Universal City. Much better than the South Outside. Now, I'm headed out to Sherman Oaks. Problem there. Wanna one South eastbound at Balboa there during an accident out of lanes there. That's extra tight for Topanga Canyon. Injured in an accident visit. Superwoman super lawyer dot com Mike O'Brien, Chaos high in the sky and a problem in orange, the 55 North bound before the 20 to look out for a stall in the center divider. This report sponsored by Super Woman super lawyer dot com Ko Phi and the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Dave Joseph. I am Attorney Mary apartment in uncertain times family is what holds us together. When you're injured in an accident, rely on me to protect your family help. It's one call away. 808 169 60 woman super lawyer dot com. Mortgage rates are at historic lows,.

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