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Says two additional suspicious packages addressed to California congresswoman, Maxine Waters have been intercepted waters is a frequent target of President Trump's attacks. Two people are dead, and what police are calling an apparently random shooting inside and just outside a Kroger supermarket in Jefferson town, Kentucky, a Louisville suburb. She Sam Roberts says A man opened fire on a man inside the store, then shot a woman in the parking lot fired multiple rounds at her striking her as a role result of those gunshots from the suspect both of those victims have been have died from fatal injuries that have been pronounced deceased here on the scene. Roger says shooter exchanged shots with an armed citizen in the parking lot. Neither one was wounded. He was arrested a short time later. One ticket bought at a convenience store in South Carolina wins the more than one point five billion dollar mega millions jackpot is possible. The world will never know who bought the ticket that matches all six numbers because South Carolina's one of eight states where win. Owners can remain anonymous. This is a b radio news. Housing market continues to struggle as new home sales are down. Here's the AP's Mike Kemp in sales of new homes dropped five and a half percent in September the fourth straight monthly drop. The Commerce Department says the annual rate of home sales is down fifteen percent since may as the housing market cools with mortgage rates rising. There is now a seven months supply of new homes on the market the highest level since twenty eleven mortgage buyer, Freddie, MAC says average thirty year mortgage rates have increased to four point eighty five percent nearly a point higher than a year ago. Mike Kemp in Washington Saint Louis cardinals catcher Yati Molina wins this year's Roberto Clemente award, given to the player who best represents a former Pittsburgh outfielders humanitarian efforts Molina has worked tirelessly to help Puerto Rico recover from the effects of hurricane Maria last year. I'm Tim McGuire. AP radio news. Is Ron Don. Sombody? Jan.

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