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There's a lot of fun drastic. Guys who thought looked really well Michael walker continues to look good in. I know he maybe in this team is in a starter. But he is a starting linebacker. I believe caliber. Why so if. He's a depth linebacker for the team this year. That's crazy solid. One of the starting guys has to come out. And he's a guy that if he gets like a third of the snaps a defensive snaps He's equality. He's looks like he's going to be some quality depth with like you said the potential to fill in for starters maybe long-term even more Which is considering his draft. Pedigree is is really good. You mentioned jonathan bullard. I wanted to point out as well for him again. Another cast off from the chicago bears where he was draft in the third round of two thousand sixteen so again there's some draft pedigree there that maybe hasn't worked out entirely For his time in league but he is Someone that you know. I think when you draft someone in the third round and they don't meet your expectations you move on from them. Well we're expecting him to be like a rotation guy is perfect for us right. And that's that is what we're sort of expecting all guys like that. A couple of things that point out that stood out to me on. Pf yard pace as you mentioned. Have one of the best coverage scores. The second highest coverage score though during the game was a second. Pick richie grant. So that's that's promising. The pass rushing scores. Bullard was one of the highest rated pass rushers but right behind him deady condensing so who has been flashing name. Spain coming up yep and he did have a mistake. oh which actually had. He made that tackle with killed. A one of the dolphins offensive drives. So that's going to happen and you want that to happen. In the preseason but logan digi is making a push to get significant snaps amp potentially at some point maybe this season be a starter on this defense. That is really encouraging to see of him. As far as run defense that was sorta spotty because our best run defenders were like corners. Tj green Del rick abrams. Were both are dwayne johnson. All of whom are in the secondary where our best run defenders so that that probably needs some work of all things considered and favorite monroe was highest graded player on the day. Which makes some sense again. He's he's a starter. You expect him to play well. But some other name jalen hawkins. I thought had a fairly solid game as well. So there's i think if you look at the individual performances again keeping my most of these guys are going to be rotational guys. They're not most of them with the exception of just a few like favor. Moreau are not expected to be starters near one. A lot of these guys thought had moments in did fairly well at very specific things so they're showing the potential to grow into significant rolls over time not immediately. If we're putting a williams out there as a cornerback number three something has probably gone wrong But there is a. There is some signs of of development in some of these young guys speaking of williams special teams. Which evan. oh you you're a big fan of and we actually have to do another podcasts. About special teams in pre going into the season but the put returner Race to this point has been primarily between williams and chris roland where do you think that stands after two preseason games for for those two guys i think amy williams for a couple reasons He looks to more explosive per stopping in this game. Against the dolphins there was only one punt return so it wasn't we get a fair like look at anything and it was just chris roll into bed four yards but i think avery williams just brings to the table. Because i think he's better even right now as at his actual position being cornerback. Been chris roland Being a receiver. Because we as you mentioned we have other receivers not that all of them are great or anything like our death. That receiver is fantastic. But they're going to need better corners than they're going to need more you know of wide receivers at the same level Sophie comes down to it in there like okay. We have to decide between williams enrolling. I think it's going to be williams because not only is he. There guy like rolling from the last regime williams is from this one He's just bringing more to the table at his true position. Plus you look how. He's doing kick returns advocate in this last game. He averaged all three of twenty six point. Three yards and rolling had one kick return any average sixteen Which is in bad or anything. But i think williams is just bringing more to the table so right now. I'd give him the leg-up No fence to roland or anything You know. I won't best man to win. So yeah and i think with you for all those stated reasons and i think the important piece that you really hammered on as well. Is that right now. Every williams is making contributions at his quote unquote position which is a defensive. Back and williams is getting some snaps their turn just a handful. Ten twelve per game in these preseason games. But he's shown that he has a level of competence at the position again. I want in there as a potential starter nickel corner but something that maybe you can work with that. You can develop the put. They're in a spot. If guys are banged up or injured. So i i think. The long term development potential for williams is is big and the the kick returns. We shouldn't discount that because even though we all know quarter o- patterson is going to be kick return this year. He's only here on the one year deal. So the falcons are thinking long term. Twenty twenty two twenty two twenty three twenty twenty four. Who's going to be that guy we're going to put put back there in. Every williams looks apart right now for kick helix more explosive like the eye test take all the stats out of. Yeah exactly one of them was if you told me. One of them took it to the house. I'd say really roy about how he looks when he's running so yeah absolutely I'm with you. I think roland. I think has to show demonstrably that. He's significantly better than williams in this last game. Or i think they're going to default to williams as you mentioned because he is the draft. Pick the thing that he has to be pretty amazing because he'd be knocking one of these receivers off of the roster Night at alcoholic dot com does a roster projection or depth chart projection every week before the preseason game in east he had on the last one. Correct me if i'm wrong. But i believe he had five receivers about ins and a lot of people. Expect it to be five. Who would rolling be knocking out of a job right. Like we know ridley gauge zacchaeus. They're safe then. You have two more. Would you really.

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