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And precedent breaking process would yield sixty seven votes to cross the Rubicon members will vote tomorrow afternoon on two articles of impeachment against the president to charter flights with American citizens are expected to leave Wuhan China soon bound for Travis Air Force base in California those on board will be screened and then quarantine for fourteen days your listening to ABC news and it's time now for some traffic and weather together here on KFBK talk today has see how things are going given our KVK Tourette's six center hi and it wouldn't have to stay yeah hello yeah hi how are you I'm good Friday by circle K. and right now that does the splits twenty three minutes on eastbound camp city it is jammed up pretty solid in midtown at this time but the Roseville eleven minutes also downtown elk Grove south I five eighteen minute ride for you they're going they'll grow one ninety nine will cost you well on one minute less actually and they had done a fulsome was thirty one minutes now only thirty ATV so what the north I live live in a downtown trip to Davis westbound eighty is going to be about twelve minutes of things not really settling down all that much just yet also cross top town pretty heavy starting just past west alchemy don't one eastbound eighty all the way up toward day well it's like really Boulevard every couple circle K. copy is grounded the moment so whether you're craving coffee now or now you get the freshest cover the world at circle K. every cop ground fresh start to get a dollar at circle K. limited time only at participating locations traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons data has news ninety three point one K. B. K. tonight will be partly cloudy and cold tonight will level thirty to thirty four tomorrow expect sunshine and patchy clouds tomorrow of a high of fifty eight to sixty two Thursday will have plenty of sunshine Thursday with a high sixty one to sixty five I'm accu weather stir Shayla news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. alright fifty four in elk Grove citrus heights fifty four Davis fifty four all across the board there eight five ten now and at news ninety three point one KPK we're working to build a better Sacramento and here's a pretty cool idea think of how many old tires there are out there and then think of those recycled tires being used to repair the roadways this is the power cycle of rebel raise he meant grant program it's one the variety of grants related to recycle.

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