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With highs in the sixties from channel nine Eyewitness News a meteorologist Kissinger creamy now such security triple team traffic Floridians remain on I four eastbound approaching U. S. twenty seven all the way to just after five thirty two it took about twenty six minutes to get to the floor and then you got delays from Finnian parkway to a million that have cleared out but you're still gonna find slowdowns and I for what's been there for thirty six for a few minutes forty minute drive time Fairbanks to colonial drive this traffic report brought to you by credit karma get your truly free credit scores and free credit monitoring from credit karma today download the credit form happen now with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning we're hoping to get to work on time I mean at Torrance news ninety six point five W. D. B. L. this is Brian Kilmeade news ninety six five W. D. B. O. promises to break into my show with red alert traffic report because when you're the one behind the wheel stuck in a major traffic problems we know it grinds on your patience that's why we tell you what happened how much time it'll add to your drive in the best possible way to get around when you're stuck in traffic we are with you this is where Linda turned first for frequent traffic alerts news ninety six five W. D. via the Brian Kilmeade show a news ninety six point five W. TVO I have a point of order under age press six sixty the general was that a point of order the point of order is well the chairman continue to prohibit witnesses from answer Republican questions as you've done in closed hearings again as you did the space we our question of the proper point of origin was supposed to spend whatever it was it was not recognized point of order.

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