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Moriarty. On what she never quite knows where her books are going. We do know that somebody's died, but we don't know who has died. And in fact, when I was writing it I didn't know myself who had died Because I don't tend to plan my books. It was It was a surprise to me too. All that British singer songwriter reckon, phone man coming up on the arts Our Hello. This is Julie Candle with the BBC news. United Nations secretary general has appealed for an immediate end to the fighting between his Israel the Palestinians, warning it could plunge the region into an uncontainable crisis. Opening a meeting of the U. N. Security Council. Antonio Guterres called the violence over the past week utterly appalling, He said there must be a negotiated sustainable political solution. The only way forward is to return to negotiations with the goal of a two state solution. Living two states side by side in peace, security and move the recognition with Jerusalem is the capital of both states. The longer the cycle of violence continues, the more challenging it will be to reach their ultimate goal. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said his country's operation against militants in Gaza was continuing with full force on it would take time to restore calm. 10. Israelis are reported to have been killed by her masses rocket barrage, while Israeli air strikes have killed more than 180 Palestinians in Gaza, including nearly 50 Children. Addressing the Security Council, the Palestinian foreign when history Adele Maliki accused Israel of war crimes. Israel is persecuting our people committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. Some may not want to use these words or crimes and crimes against humanity. But they know they are true. Israeli police say there's been a car ramming incident in the shake Jara neighborhood of East Jerusalem. A police spokesman said the driver had been shot dead and four Israeli officers injured. The threat to evict Palestinian families from shake Jara to make way for Jewish settlers sparked the current round violence. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said Britain's Jews should not have to enjoy the type of shameful racism displayed by some Palestinian supporters of the weekend. Video on Social media showed a man with the megaphone, leading a convoy of cars with Palestinian flags threw a largely Jewish area of London shouting anti Semitic abuse. I'm Harrigan reports. Footage of the incidents, which has already been shared widely on social media, appears to show threats of violence and rape, coming from one of several vehicles with Palestinian flags traits on their bonnets. Metropolitan Police say they're aware of the video that officers are conducting urgent enquiries to identify those responsible and insist they won't accept such behavior. The mayor of London City. Kearns said the Mets had his full backing for a zero tolerance approach to hate speech, while Boris Johnson and if there was no place that anti Semitism in British society The head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany has called on police to take action against anti Semitism and pro Palestinian demonstrations yourself, Shuster said Mobs in simple German cities had for days been spreading hatred for Jews. Well. News from the BBC. U. S special Envoy for climate Change, John Kerry says President Biden is leading the charge towards net zero carbon emissions. But Mr Kerry acknowledged in a BBC interview that half of the required reductions would need to come from technology is still to be invented, he said Americans knew how to innovate. 20 Indonesian fishermen who were clinging to their sinking ship in the Indian Ocean off off Australia have been rescued. The Australian air Force dropped life rafts for the crew stranded in bad weather more than 1000, kilometers west of Perth. They were picked up by a Japanese vessel on Saturday. Millions of voters in Chile a going to the polls for a second day to choose delegates who will draft a new constitution. The decision to give people more time to vote was taken to reduce the possible spread of covert. Ballots cast on Saturday were taken to safe locations overnight and kept under the watch of the armed forces. Current constitution, drafted under a military government for decades ago, is seen as divisive and out of date. And you Pan African Basketball League is underway with 12 teams taking part from across the continent. Matches were originally going to be played in seven cities across Africa. But because of the Corona virus, they will all now have to take place over two weeks in the Rwandan capital, Kigali. Is a graphical regional editor. Will Ross backed by North America's NBA, The launch of the Basketball Africa League coincides with a rise in the popularity of the game. You don't have to walk far in Kinshasa or Dakar to see a Chicago Bulls or a Los Angeles Lakers jersey as well as uncovering the best talent that B A L is it'll be known, should help fuel economic growth. Little help players get a step closer to following in the sizeable shoes of 14 African players currently in the NBA stars like Joel Embiid of Cameroon or Congo, Brazzaville says you, bacca. BBC news. Welcome to hard talk on the BBC World Service. Any new cultural companionship for the next 60 minutes with the best global arts and culture conversation from across the BBC and beyond coming up on stage show in a moment, British artist Tracey Eman tells us about her lifelong love for the Norwegian painter Edvard Monk. We hear from Australian author Liane Moriarty, who talks about her best selling novel, Big Little Lies. Yep, Also that TV Syriza's and American actor John Hawkes on exploring an awkward father, son relation Ship in the movie end of sentence. He is so moving in that film. Also on today's show, the Oscar winning Indian composer. They are Roman British singer, songwriter, rag and Bone Man on racing to record. His latest album in Nashville on the Canadian director carries Goblins tells us how the themes.

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